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Meditation & A Busy Life

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Recently I've been reflecting on meditation and a busy life, as I so often here people say:

"I'm too busy to meditate"

Okay, so let's explore this a little...

What I find to be increasingly helpful in my own life, is that when life gets busy or even busier, I need meditation even more. The practice of a calmer brain & mind serves and supports me through a busy time.

What's even better than me, your sweet little Meditation Coach saying this, is that the science of the brain and mind on meditation backs it up!

When the brain is in non-stop "busy mode", constantly "on", literally from the time we wake, it's not actually functioning optimally.

It's not that being busy is a bad thing for the brain; it's the non-stop kind of busyness I am referring to - where we never give ourselves a real break or even a pause and today, our digitalized lifestyles are impacting our ability to do so.

A busy life full of rushing, racing, deadlines, to-do lists, piles of projects and deadlines galore impacts us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - but you know this, it makes sense.

But the point of these words is not to give tips on how to be less busy. That's the topic of another day, another post.

The fact is, that sometimes life is just busy and the busier life gets the more we need something tangible in our lives that helps to balance out the effects of a busy life.

A meditation practice, each morning in particular, even a few minutes, can help us cultivate a sense of inner calm and strength that we can navigate back to. The calm in the storm. When life is busy, it's hard to find it "out there" - sure get a massage and go to the gym, but the effects can ware off pretty quick when life is busy.

The practice of a calmer mind is always with you & the wonderful "side effects" are also with you throughout your busy day and the more you practice the greater the ripple effect you receive, even on the busiest of days.

- Meditation dials down your brains emotional centre. It's like you're building these super hero "calm under pressure" abilities!

- Meditation also dials down a part of the brain known as the DMN - the Default Mode Network. This part of our brain is responsible for ruminating, worrying and mind wandering - all of which dial up when life is busy.

When life is busy - meditation literally shifts the state of your brain out of stress mode, and into what I love to call "All is Well Mode" - All is Well and I can handle Anything Mode, which is just the kind of super powers we need when life gets busy!

So maybe, the busier life gets the more you need a practice like meditation. It's not a "nice to do" in these busy times, but almost vital to help you, in these times.

I hope I am reaching a few of you with these words as I so understand that life just gets busy. Sometimes it's the just the nature of life, of living. It's part of being human. In those times, I believe and I hope in some way I've inspired you, that you can't afford not to meditate.

Thinking of you dear busy human :)


Your Meditation Coach

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