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"Symphonies is an incredible journey that I've been on since the beginning. Angela pours passion, insight and sheer creative power into every meditation. Using Symphonies in my daily practice has strengthened my intuitive creative abilities as well as my focus."
Renata Ann Kiss ~Energy Coach & Healer,
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What Busy Mom & Corporate Leader Sarah Found has to say about the journey ...
Angela Kontgen’s ‘Symphonies for the Mind’ is a hidden gold mine of a resource for guided meditation.
As a busy mom and business person, I knew I needed meditation in my life, but couldn’t figure it out on my own. My mind went too many places.
There are so many apps out there for guided meditation, but what Angela provides is so much more than what you get from an app.
Each month I can’t wait for the new theme to come out for the meditation on her membership site for us to download easily.
She holds calls to understand what she wants you to focus on, how she developed the meditation and how to set your intentions.
Angela truly cares that her clients are getting what they need from the meditation and deep dives the second month for even greater knowledge and understanding.
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All these elements are what makes Symphonies for the Mind so special and different from what's out there in the meditation world...all the elements are designed to help you go deeper and live it.


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Here are some of the transformational themes ahead:

November 2020: ALL IS WELL 

The practice of shifting from survival and stress to activating parasympathetic power.

December 2020: An Explosion of GRATITUDE

A practice of harnessing the power of your gratitude as one of the most transformational energies on the planet.

January 2021: AWAKE

The practice of waking up to who you are and all you choose to be.  A practice of being defined by something bigger than the times we find ourselves in. 


The practice harnessing the law of contrast in our lives because it works directly with the law of attraction yet its so hard to practice in stress mode.