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Symphonies for the Mind:
A Personalized Monthly Meditation Program

Are you ready for something very personal and meaningful - a journey to a calmer, clearer mind, a journey to new levels of Aliveness and a deeper Connection Within?

And Why would I want that you might say...well dear human, everyone desires to feel more alive with the time that they have on this planet and a deeper connection within is a huge part of that equation.  We are beginning to understand this but most of us just don't know how to get "IN" there and so we keep being "run" by the external world - how's that working so far?

So if any of this speaks to you - you might be ready for Symphonies for the Mind...


It's a monthly meditation program, I have created, where the power of personal growth comes together with the magic and effectiveness of Meditation.  


Each month I create beautiful personalized meditations around a theme of personal transformation so that you can learn to go within - Go within and grow within.


You see, Meditation brings personal growth to Life! It helps you Live personal growth and spiritual concepts because you are doing the "work" within a calmer mind and therefore accessing the Subconscious Mind.  

The challenge with Personal Growth and even powerful spiritual wisdoms is not in the theory but in the practice - it is hard to apply this into our lives when we are constantly immersed in the noise of our busy analytical mind in addition to the noise and non stop rush of the external world around us.

The essence of Symphonies for the Mind is to help you practice going within to begin bringing personal growth to life in your life - making it real and tangible for you, otherwise it's just a lot of nice "theory" isn't it?

And on this journey I love Supporting, Guiding & keeping you Inspired and on track  - something an App cannot do for I know that if you feel supported you will not feel alone and this helps you stay the course.  

So in 2020 I have designed the Symphonies journey around 7 Experiences that each and every soul longs to experience with the brief time that we all have...Here's a glimpse of what we will be working on this year:

Living your Light  

Living the Way

Living the Moment

Living your Truth

Living your Joy

Living ForGiveness

Living Aliveness

Living Awake

 Here is what Busy Mom and Business Person Sarah Found Coish, has to say about her Symphonies Experience:

Angela Kontgen’s ‘Symphonies for the Mind’ is a hidden gold mine of a resource for guided meditation.
As a busy mom and business person, I knew I needed meditation in my life, but couldn’t figure it out on my own. My mind went too many places.
There are so many apps out there for guided meditation, but what Angela provides is so much more than what you get from an app.
Each month I can’t wait for the new theme to come out for the meditation on her membership site for us to download easily.
She holds calls to understand what she wants you to focus on, how she developed the meditation and how to set your intentions.
Angela truly cares that her clients are getting what they need from the meditation and deep dives the second month for even greater knowledge and understanding.
Her one on one calls with me have been invaluable - especially as I’ve gone through a particular health challenge or life circumstance. Together, we’ve figured out how the meditation can best serve me - where I am right now. You don’t get this from any app!
When I look at my monthly recurring expenses, it is one that I never stop for a second and wonder  ‘hey do I need this’? I can’t even put a value on it!

"Symphonies is an incredible journey that I've been on since the beginning. Angela pours passion, insight and sheer creative power into every meditation. Using Symphonies in my daily practice has strengthened my intuitive creative abilities as well as my focus."


Renata Ann Kiss ~Energy Coach & Healer,

Angela's Symphonies take the Power of Personal growth to new levels . I love working with a new meditation each month, and thanks for all the support!


Gerry Visca ~ Inspirational Speaker, Author, Publisher      

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