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A Better Mind is within reach...

Symphonies for the Mind is a monthly meditation experience I created over 10 years ago now.  The inspiration came to me while walking through an old forest where it felt like I was surrounded by a cathedral of trees.  

I've decided to create the last Symphony as it's been a wonderful journey and feel it's time to see where my meditation work takes me next.  I've got some ideas but I'm also wide open to where the universe is taking me.  

Symphonies has been an epic journey where the power of personal growth came together with the magic and effectiveness of meditation.  

Each month, as part of the journey, I have been honoured to in some way, help those on the journey with a personal growth theme and with their meditation practice.  

Symphonies for the Mind was about going deeper and not doing a "surface job" on your mind and your life; something I feel that our content driven society makes it difficult for us to do.

So thank you 

If you are still part of the journey, thank you...
If you have been part of the journey, at some point, thank you...

I've loved creating this for you.

What others said about Symphonies...


Buddha Statue

Renate Ann Kiss, Intuitive Healer

Symphonies is an incredible journey for the mind that I have been on since the beginning.  Angela course so much passion and insight and creativity into each guided mediation she creates.  Using these meditations, along with my own practice has strengthened my focus and intuitive abilities as a healer


Matt Richardson, Financial Consultant

I'm so happy to have found this meditation program and have it in my corner both before, during and after this pandemic it helps my state of mind enormously!


What Sarah Found, Corporate leader and Mom said after she left & came back to Symphonies:

“During my time away from Symphonies, I lost having a daily meditation practice. Meditation became something I would choose on days when I felt like it. I would go into apps and pick a meditation theme based on my mood that day. There was no real connection with the material. No one was explaining it to me, coaching me through blocks or reminding me of the freedom in focusing on a theme for 1-2 months so that I could truly see my own growth. Once you have learned from Angela, you cant unlearn. So I was able to see how other meditations and apps were just surface level and checking a box. 


In returning to Symphonies, Angela was there with open arms and heart, meeting me where I was in the moment and creating a gentle plan of how I could understand and embrace the current meditation theme. Within a week, I already feel calmer, more focused and clarity on my meditation practice each day”. 

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