Symphonies for the Mind is a meditation experience...

It's the experience of connecting with who you really are, through the power of Meditation.  It's the experience of an even better functioning mind; your greatest asset.  It's where the power of personal growth meets the magic of meditation.

When the brain and mind are more calm, you gain access to a deeper part of yourself, otherwise inaccessible when the brain and mind are busy. This is the place to do the work!

My greatest wish is to help make meditation not only accessible for people but also help get excited and urgent about this practice and begin to see it as a "vital" part of life - especially in today's world. 

So if you are tired of the apps and ready to go deeper with an incredible personal journey...click below, subscribe and join the journey...
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"Maybe it's time to get urgent about elevating your Mind &
Mindset with the
powerful practice of


As a member, each month, on the Symphonies journey, you receive a transformational meditation, composed around a personal growth Monthly inspiration and guidance to keep you going and on track and I like to reach out to see if you need any assistance :)

Each month to launch the meditation I host a live call to inspire you and bring the meditation and theme to life for you.

The personalization and the guidance are what makes Symphonies for the Mind so special and different from what's out there in the meditation world.

Once you subscribe I offer a personal one-on-one call, which allows me to connect with you as a human being, help you personalize this journey to your own desires and intentions & set you up for success.

Here are some of the transformational meditations we are working with in 2022:


How to join the journey:

Book a one on one Set up for Success Call with Angela, your Coach


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Renate Ann Kiss, Intuitive Healer

Symphonies is an incredible journey for the mind that I have been on since the beginning.  Angela course so much passion and insight and creativity into each guided mediation she creates.  Using these meditations, along with my own practice has strengthened my focus and intuitive abilities as a healer


Matt Richardson, Financial Consultant

I'm so happy to have found this meditation program and have it in my corner both before, during and after this pandemic it helps my state of mind enormously!


Sarah Found, Corporate leader and Mom

As a busy mom and corporate leader I  knew I needed meditation in my life but I could not seem to figure it out or stick to it.  I found myself often overwhelmed with meditation apps that promised 10,000 meditations. 

I needed help.

Angela's program is a hidden gold mine, something so focused, so supported.