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"Symphonies is an incredible journey that I've been on since the beginning. Angela pours passion, insight and sheer creative power into every meditation. Using Symphonies in my daily practice has strengthened my intuitive creative abilities as well as my focus."
Renata Ann Kiss ~Energy Coach & Healer,
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What Busy Mom & Corporate Leader Sarah Found has to say about the journey ...
Angela Kontgen’s ‘Symphonies for the Mind’ is a hidden gold mine of a resource for guided meditation.
As a busy mom and business person, I knew I needed meditation in my life, but couldn’t figure it out on my own. My mind went too many places.
There are so many apps out there for guided meditation, but what Angela provides is so much more than what you get from an app.
Each month I can’t wait for the new theme to come out for the meditation on her membership site for us to download easily.
She holds calls to understand what she wants you to focus on, how she developed the meditation and how to set your intentions.
Angela truly cares that her clients are getting what they need from the meditation and deep dives the second month for even greater knowledge and understanding.
If you are ready to go deeper with your life; if you are ready to Go Within & Grow Within...then it's time to Join Symphonies for the Mind...

Where in the world do you receive:

- Meditations composed around powerful personal growth themes 

- Live Monthly Coaching Calls 

- one on one help, if you need it

For only 33$ CAD each month? 

All these elements are what makes Symphonies for the Mind so special...all designed to help you go deeper.


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The member site is where Symphonies member access the meditations I create for this journey, as well as the recordings to the Live Monthly Coaching Calls, I host, plus some other cool resources. 

Once you subscribe I always offer a personal one on one zoom call which allows me to connect with you as a human being, help you personalize this journey to your own desires and intentions & set up for success.

I also love reaching out to you, throughout the journey, just to see how you are doing, feeling and what is showing up...all with the intention of helping you stay the course with this vital practice and never feel alone...

Here are some of the Inspired themes ahead:


Harnessing the power of your Mind to Create


A practice of moving from doing more to becoming more


A practice of using the power of all your emotions to guide you in your Life


A practice of what lights you up and brings you Joy and not wasting a drop of your Life!


The practice of "living" Who you are and Who you choose to Be


The practice of seeing everyone and everything as a teacher, in love with every footsteps which magnifies everything in our life.


What if we already know who we are and it's simply a matter of Remembering...


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