This album was designed to support and serve your Leadership and take it to new levels!  To help you shift you from understanding a Leadership skill to building it.  

Whether you are to totally new to the practice of Meditation or a seasoned meditator through Leadership Expert, Mo Hagan's guidance and Angela Kontgen's inspiring, guided meditations you will love this album.

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I composed this album into 5 parts of your day to support and inspire you to easily integrate meditation into your daily life:

Consider starting with the Morning Meditation, 30 days, until it becomes a habit and then use the other meditations to enhance your day. 


MORNING: Sets your day with energy and intention.

MIDDAY: Refocuses your mind on what matters.

BACK ON TRACK: Gets your mind back on track.

TRANSITIONING: Helps you transition from one part of the day to the next.

EVENING: Closes your day and releases what no longer serves you.  

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