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This album was designed to support and serve your Life & Leadership. To help you train and condition your Mind and Mindset through the daily success practice of Meditation.  


Meditation is proven way to build tangible life and leaderships skills like Focus, Vision, Clarity and Empathy.  

Whether you are to totally new to the practice of Meditation or a seasoned meditator with the guidance of Leadership Expert, Mo Hagan and Angela Kontgen's inspiring meditations you will learn to train your mind and mindset with Meditation..

Learn more about Mo's Inspired work at

I composed this album into 5 parts of your day to support and inspire you to easily integrate meditation into your daily life:

Consider starting with the Morning Meditation, 30 days, until it becomes a habit and then use the other meditations to enhance your day. 


MORNING: Sets your day with energy and intention.

MIDDAY: Refocuses your mind on what matters.

BACK ON TRACK: Gets your mind back on track.

TRANSITIONING: Helps you transition from one part of the day to the next.

EVENING: Closes your day and releases what no longer serves you.  

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