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Mental Strength doesn't just happen!

Just as physical strength is built, over time, with intention and attention; mental strength, is a skill that can be learned and developed, over time, with a proven daily practice that build it.

Yes, some people might be more naturally primed for mental toughness based on genetics, personality, and experiences but even if one is not naturally inclined towards mental toughness, it can be built through simple daily habits that improve the brain and mind.

An essential part of being mentally strong, is becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions and working with them to consciously choose our actions.

This is where meditation and mindfulness come in. Through the practice of meditation we become more and more aware of our thoughts and emotions. Without meditation or some sort of daily inner work, let's face it, we tend to run on auto pilot - almost constantly reacting instead of responding.

Between stimulus and response lies a space and in that space lies my power and freedom to choose my response ~ Victor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

Meditation creates that space or begins to create that space between what happens and how we respond to it and this is what builds not only mental strength but new levels of mental freedom.

Now, before we continue lets just get clear on what mental strength is not:

- Mental strength isn't about acting tough

- Mental strength is not about ignoring or choking down your emotions

- Mental strength doesn't require that you go it alone, not needing anything from anyone

- Mental strength is not about positive thinking

- Mental strength is not about chasing happiness

- Mental strength is not just another word for mental health

Mental Strength is very much about awareness - an awareness of self and what's going on within. It's an awareness of how our thoughts and emotions guide our decisions and choices. It's this awareness that helps us get better at responding to life, people and situations rather than constantly reacting and being triggered which depletes mental strength.

And so we can talk on and on about Mental Strength, what it is and what it is not and how important it is - especially now as the world gets noisier and more unpredictable, but at the end of the day, if the argument for it is compelling, we need a proven way to build it.

Mental strength doesn't just happen. It doesn't just happen by reading about it. There are all sorts of tips out there around the "how to's" of mental strength and some include:

- Not ruminating or feeling sorry for yourself

- Not shying away from change

- Not wasting time on thing one cannot control

- Not trying to please everyone

And on and on it goes. Yet, here is the thing:

- When the brain and mind are in busy mode brain centres responsible for ruminating and feeling sorry are dialled up.

- When the brain and mind are in busy mode the brain is not set up to embrace change - it's in survival mode.

- When the brain and mind are in busy mode, the brain is busy being all analytical and controlling. - - - When the brain and mind are in busy mode, the ego is all ramped up so you are in "people pleasing" mode!

It's just the way we are wired and way it is and it's all part of an ancient wiring systems.

However, when we meditate we bypass this ancient wiring system, gain access to the subconscious mind (90% of the mind) and also access, what's called "heart intelligence".

When we meditate we build and strengthen new neural pathways in in the brain and build new grey matter! I don't know about you but given that the brain and mind are my greatest life assets; I'm on fire about building new neural pathways and more grey matter!

The benefits of meditation and the mental strength it builds are many and include:

- an increased resilience to stress, you'll handle everyday situations better not just the crises

- an improved life satisfaction; as mental strength goes up peace of mind & confidence also goes up

- a knowingness that no matter what happens "I will be okay" and that's gold in these times!

- enhanced performance, even under stressful situations

Mental strength is something that is available for all of us to hone and build and meditation is an effective way to build it! It doesn't just happen dear awesome human....

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