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Canfitpro 2019
New York
Big Think Youth Edmonton
Canfitpro 2016

Inspiring a new mind.                            

Hi I'm Angela, thanks for checking out my inspired work around Meditation and the Mind.  


On my journey, so far, I've had the honour to work with organizations like Autodesk, Goodlife, Movati, Ford, Bayshore Groups and IMAX as well as present at wellness conferences like Canfitpro.  


After working with people, teams and organizations as a Life & Leadership Coach for many years ~ today as a Meditation Coach and Creator I inspire people with the proven power of this everyday Success habit.


What I find inspiring is that, as meditation becomes more mainstream, due to the growing science of the Mind on meditation, more organizations recognize that a meditation initiative makes "good business" sense. Meditation helps build true resiliency, true mental, emotional and even physical well-being, true self awareness ~ it is an impactful "add-on" to any wellness program, for these times. 

We are in a time where the pace of change we face is surpassing our ability to adapt - physically, mentally and emotionally and meditation is a tangible solution and way to change from the inside so we can better navigate whatever the outer world presents to us. 


These times require organizations to provide innovative ways to help people with their mind and mindset. 


Science is proving that Meditation helps people build & strengthen:


- Emotional Intelligence 

- Resilience 

- Focus & Creativity


Studies show that meditation can play a key role in Health & Healing.


My inspired work takes me into organizations to:


1) Inspire people around the Meditation habit - the science of the Brain & Mind on Meditation 

2) Help people step into and create the daily habit - a one time thing will not help people

3) Provide Inspiring and Powerful Meditations for people to use in their life & leadership.

4) Help people use the power of this powerful practice to support their Mindset to navigate everyday life. 


Two things make for a successful Meditation initiative in an organization:

1) Aligning this within your Health & Wellness program & objectives

2) The buy-in and participation of Leadership - it sets the tone that this is vital and productive.

If this inspires you and makes sense as a way to help people in these times - let's connect.

Angela Kontgen

Meditation Coach & Creator



Meditation has been a reluctant subject for me over the years until I met Angela. Her compassionate style and knowledgeable background has profoundly touched my life. I endorse her work and recommend her to anyone who truly desires personal growth.” 
David Byrd ~David Byrd Consulting, LLC      

"Angela expands the power of your mind. She gets you in alignment & focused with what matters and then designs meditations that create the right mind to move that forward.


Cindy Ashton ~Speaker, Corporate Trainer,

Consultant and Media Personality


  1. Harness the Power of the Mind: We are not tapping into the power and potential of the human mind. Be inspired by the power and effectiveness of Meditation and walk away with the confidence and clarity to step into it.  

  2. A New Mind - The 21st Century Success Habit: We are doing a half assed job at training and condition our mind and mindset and that's no longer enough to navigate these times. Meditation and mindfulness is the new revolutionary success and health habit for your brain, mind & body.  This will leave you inspired out of your seat!

  3. Recharge your Mind: These times are calling for us to create a new mind, through meditation and mindfulness we elevate and recharge the mind and open up possibilities for a new resilient mindset. 

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