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Angela Kontgen

If you are here, you're likely checking out my inspired work & my passion for helping people and a few workplaces elevate health & performance with effective daily habits like meditation & mindfulness.

As the world gets busier, I believe these practices will shift from being an interesting "stress management" habit to something vital for everyday optimal performance and well-being.

Along my coaching journey, I've enjoyed creating innovative programs and also collaborating with organizations as a team member. 

I look forward to more creative opportunities in the future. 

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Mindset/Health & Leadership Coach

After a very rewarding life in the medical/pharmaceutical realm; I decided to pursue training and certification as a coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) 

That path led to working with all kinds of interesting individuals and organizations in the areas of Leadership, Performance, Engagement & Well-being.

Once I discovered the science of the mind on meditation, I was hooked and began to focus a lot of my energy in this area as I knew meditation was a daily habit that served to elevate the mind - our greatest asset in life. 

My coaching journey has taken me from Health Coaching in collaboration with the Medical community,  Leadership coaching for and with organizations, creating & recording  meditation content,  performing live meditations at speaking engagements as well as delivering workshops, creating membership based programs like Symphonies for the Mind  and working with a few inspired workplaces through the Inner Edge

What drives me is my desire to help people with powerful proven practices and my greatest strength on this path,

I believe and people have shared with me, is a natural ability to empathize & connect with where people are at so that I can help them to get to where they would like to be.   

Thanks so much for checking out my work.  


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