Hi I'm Angela...

I create transformative meditations & meditation experiences that elevate & strengthen the Mind. 

The Mind after all is our greatest asset in life. 
I've been a coach for over 12 years - coaching people on all aspects of Life & Leadership and while I loved it, I had a growing sense that I was scratching the surface.  
What I found to be true for myself and others is that while we understand that growth is a vital aspect of life - it's hard to change and grow within the realms of the busy, conscious, judging, analytical mind; yet this is where most of us choose to exist.  
So on a personal level and as a coach and creator I took a deep dive into the science of the Mind and Meditation.

I began to compose & create meditations for events, for individuals and create programs and content. 

The response has been amazing and today this is how I help people & workplaces with, what I believe and emerging research is backing up, one of the most powerful daily 
practices to help the human mind navigate life and achieve new levels of performance, creativity and well-being.

I love my work as I feel and see the tangible difference it is making in people's lives.

Thank you for checking out what I'm up to...

Meditation Coach & Creator