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Angela Kontgen

Well if you are here, you are likely checking out my inspired work,  helping more people and a few workplaces with the powerful and effective practices of meditation & mindfulness. As the world gets busier, I believe these practices will shift from being an interesting stress management habit to something vital for everyday optimal performance and well-being.

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Meditation Coach

I've been a certified coach for over 15 years starting off, starting off in the areas of Leadership & Performance

and then transitioning to meditation and mindfulness, as I was becoming increasingly aware and inspired by the science of the mind and meditation. 

I found it to be a more effective and tangible way to help people in everyday and work life.  

We see more clearly when the brain and mind are calmer, we think better and make better decisions and are at our most creative in a calmer brain state. 

We also just feel better when the brain and mind are calmer. 

So that's is my focus and passion these days - creating meditation content and meditation experiences that elevate and strengthen the mind.  

Thanks so much for checking out my work.  





    Meditation has been a reluctant subject for me over the years until I met Angela. Her compassionate style and knowledgeable background has profoundly touched my life. I endorse her work and recommend her to anyone who truly desires personal growth.” 

     David Byrd ~David Byrd Consulting, LLC    


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