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What would it be like if We all Knew Why...

It is a natural human desire to be part of something greater than ourselves…to feel connected to something meaningful and that elevates our precious world.

I believe this is what our Heart is restless for...

But sometimes, in the beginning, on this Hero’s Quest of meaning and inspiration, it can feel like you are the only one. It can feel like you are the only one who desires to experience something deeper, something Real.

Everyone else seems so caught up in the chasing...the proving...drowning in the non-stop "doing".

It can seem like you are the only one around you that desires to create something connected with a deeper purpose with the brief time that you have, that we all have.

Yet, we all desire's embedded in our DNA and the world has always been changed by a few who Chose to take the first few steps towards something different...something that carried the hope of true change...that elevated our world rather than destroyed it and robbed from it.

It is when a few of us Choose to take the first few steps to Reach Out and Inspire others and intentionally connect with Hearts and help others Look up…that a new vision for our World comes life. It is when a few of us choose to step into the beauty and significance of the unknown…that hope for humanity is kept alive.

We awaken and we help others awaken and we no longer feel like we are wasting our lives...

This quest begins with You knowing Why - Why you Exist...the deeper WHY - not a goal or a reason but Why you are truly here in this time and space.

The quest magnifies when you begin to shift beyond yourself and desire this for others around you..

Then all of a sudden a Ripple of Inspiration is created and expands around us…When we Reach Out and Inspire Others through our deeper WHY - we may actually thrive and save this precious World...when all of a sudden We all know Why…

With love


Editor & Creative Support RedChair Publishing

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