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We ARE getting Real...

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We are getting REAL with who we are and who we choose to be....and honouring even more deeply who you are and who you choose to be....

For if we cannot do this when times are challenging then what's the point, I asked myself today. If we can only connect to Who we are and who we choose to be when life is easy, comfy and we're sipping a hot cup of tea...I thought, what's so real about that? The time to really do the work and connect to who you are are, is in these times...

I just wrote a post on my instagram about these thoughts and the kinds of conversations that Gerry and I are having, lately, in these times, over our morning coffee and evening glasses of wine (the rest of the time he's been writing like crazy!). I shared that we are fascinated with what is showing up for ourselves and others around us and that this really does present the greatest opportunity to be who we are, true to ourselves. For if not now, When?

We too have to navigate this world right now, stay informed and be even more mindful and we are doing so. We are, however, not choosing to live in fear in these times, for we choose to see a great distinction between being "Informed" and being "In Fear" and whatever you are choosing at this time, we understand and we honour it.

I believe that I have come to a point in my brief and brilliant life that I am actually more fully coming to honour WHO I choose to be and Who you choose to be. I feel that I am doing so even more than I ever have before and what I know is that it's easy to honour who I am in and who i choose to be in good times but the real work, I find, is can I also do this in challenging times? Ahhh that's the big question that is circulating in my mind on this a good way.

After I wrote my post on IG, I took a lovely hot shower (oh I'm so grateful for lovely hot showers, I think now even more so...) and I realized I had even more to say about this subject, hence this I digress and thanks for sticking with me if you are choosing to read this.

I guess I had more to share because at this time, like anyone who has chosen to step into a bigger picture for their life and the bigger contribution they desire to make, we will be questioned, not so much when times are good, but more so when times are not so great, like these times...

People like Gerry and I who have chosen, after many many years of not living with passion and purpose, to live so now and help as many humans do the same might be questioned by some and that's okay, for it gives us the true gift of strengthening our commitment to be and live who we are & why we are doing so even in these times. (whew, that was a long sentence I know...thanks if you stuck with me on that one...)

For some who are navigating these times, glued to the news 24/7 and believe that being in constant fear is logical and will save us all...well okay, if that works for you, then all the power to you and I honour that choice for we always have choice - you are whole and complete as am I and above all else, we have choice...that's a huge part of what makes us human, I believe. I am very close to some of these humans who are glued to the news 24/7 and again I love and honour you just as you are (big smily face)

So to these lovely humans who choose fear in these times, while I understand this human condition, I also wish to thank you for occasionally telling us to "Get Real", possibly seeing our work in the world and hey forgive some of the assumptions here dear ones, as being only necessary in good times when we're all dancing through the tulips. But when life presents a challenge, a really big one, like what humanity is facing now and in so many other ways as well, well "Get down here with the rest of us and Get Real or Tone it down, can't you see the rest of us are suffering?"

Actually what makes us carry on with our inspired work, is yes, we can see how we are suffering. We are choosing to see clearly how we are destroying ourselves from within and hence because we are doing so we are unconscious of how we are destroying the world around us. So that's the way we choose to see it and again, not here to convince you, just inspired to share some thoughts...maybe more so for myself as they are so deeply inspiring me at the moment. (please note, if you wish, all the times I have repeated the word choice...)

You see what I see now, so clearly in this moment, is that these times present the greatest gift for me, for Gerry, for anyone who is choosing to live their greatest path, with the brief time they've been gifted. The best time to continue doing so is when we face the greatest changes and challenges that have ever been put before us.

The greatest time to dig in and do the work and stay connected to Who you are really and who you choose to be is Right now and every moment thereafter whether we're dancing through the tulips or not.

The greatest time to continue doing the work of inspiring 1 Million Whys, as Gerry and I have chosen to do is right now because we feel and remember this is not about convincing you, that the world needs that now more than ever.

The greatest time for Gerry to be helping other humans answer the only question that matters, Why am I really here? is right now.

The greatest time for me to be helping people Go Within is right now so maybe they don't completely drown and lose themselves in what's going on. It's also the greatest time for me to practice what I preach - meditate like a ninja!

The greatest time for us to be talking about our next two inspirational publishing projects is right now because they are architected to lift the human spirit, they are architected to help us look up and see the bigger picture, especially in these times. They are architected to help us understand that what happens to one, happens to all.

The best time for Gerry to be writing the sequel to the Life I didn't notice, is right now (he's upstairs writing as I write this...) because it is lovely story of what it takes to notice your one precious life before you die, the discomfort that one has to go through...that's so worth it.

You see what I have come to deeply know is that even one day of living this way...with greater passion and purpose is worth so much more, for me, not speaking for anyone else here so don't get your knickers in a twist, than a lifetime of living in fear, doubt, shrinking from my light and watching what's happening to our world because of this...and I have no interest to convince anyone of this but I will continue my work.

If I had one more day left in my one precious life, I really can say, I've lived because I'm not shrinking thank you to all of those that might think or say (and remember I honour your choice here okay...) to Tone it down or Get Real - I thank all of you for the gift of this... for it allows me to really do the deeper work to be Who I really am and be who I really wish to be....and maybe help a few other humans do the same....if they choose.

So if anything I/we are not toning it down...we are going to turn the heat up.... (another smily face here)

And I'm going to say this once more just cause I feel like it, it's okay if you see things differently than we do, we honour this and we are so not here to convince anyone of our perspective, that never really works well...

And now, in lockdown here in Tuscany (which by the way if you have to be in Lockdown this is the place to be...) I'm going to get back to composing a few new meditations to help some lovely humans breathe better during this time and also make a yummy apple crisp for my love...

See you soon....


Meditation Coach & Creator and helping Whyguy Inspire 1 Million WHYs

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