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Symphonies for the Mind: The practice of Who you Really are...

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

So I thought today as I have been in deep reflection mode about where Symphonies for the Mind is meant to go next, I would share what's showing up. I also had a great creative session with #Whyguy Gerry Visca, yesterday, and it brought massive clarity to where I'm inspired to take this creative and progressive meditation journey to in 2021 and why.

I created Symphonies for the Mind, over 3 years ago, as I was super inspired to focus my coaching around meditation as a real way to help people because it was actively helping them with their mind and mindset - and everything begins there! It was not until I discovered the power of the mind and meditation that I felt I had a tangible way to help people train and condition their mind and therefore truly transform themselves and their lives.

What I've discovered along this journey and through my own deeper inward practice is that the ultimate experience of meditation is to help you connect to Who you really are and all you choose to be. Through the practice of calming your lovely brain and mind, you gain access to your intelligent, intuitive heart and that is gateway to your Soul & to all that you seek to experience in this lifetime. Go within or Go without truly connecting to who you are and all you choose to be...

This desire to go deeper with the practice of Who I really am and be less "run" by the external world - other people, circumstances, events and my own busy mind has served me well and I know in my heart and soul that this is how I am meant to serve and support others.

What I know for sure today is that I don't just create meditations, I create a journey for you to connect to who you really are and all you choose to be. I also know for sure that it doesn't happen in 6 easy steps; it takes practice for the forces and faces of the ego are strong and we are deeply conditioned to be influenced by the external world, especially now.

So this is where Symphonies is evolving to in 2021, for a few lovely humans who wish to go there, to do this work within...

Symphonies will be a year long experience deeply connecting you to your ultimate navigation system.

We'll meditate

We'll learn to deeply reflect after meditation, thus harnessing the energy after our meditation

We will explore the power of prayer alongside our practice as a creative force

We will train and condition our thoughts, words and actions to align with the highest version of ourselves.

We'll learn to take the power of meditation into our everyday life and experiences

We'll learn to live in love with who we really are, in love with all of life!

We'll practice how precious life is - This will be a Year to Live...

We're ending this year with the meditation: An explosion of Gratitude ~ it will allows us to deeply reflect on this past year and the first meditation to launch 2021 will be AWAKE ~ a total defibrillation!

It's full speed ahead, I'm not holding back (not that I ever did) but whatever it takes to help us wake up to who we really are and all that we can become is the energy that will go into this next year on Symphonies. It's not for the faint of heart but for those who wish to truly feel the journey will continue and if you wish to be part of it, I would be honoured to have you on this inspired ride...and if this finds us parting ways I honour your journey and wish you the most amazing life you can possibly imagine and so hope you keep getting your sweet butt on the seat...because it works!

With love,


Your Meditation Coach & Creator

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