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A Year to Live

When I was recently asked by my Love #Whyguy Gerry Visca, what I desired to experience in 2020, I responded:

I desire to Live this Next Year as if I have one Year left.  I desire a Year to Live... 

It's a Year to live more awake and alive than I have ever lived before.


It's a Year to truly and deeply live what matters at whole new levels

It's a Year to not waste a notice and feel my one precious life 

It's a Year to practice living my highest self and the grandest vision for my life...

WOW! This is big and I believe this is my life honoured and well lived...this is a Life of no regrets...

And I desire to take a few inspired courageous humans on this journey with me...

So if you are not afraid to live taking action and aligned with what matters most then read on dearest...

A Year to Live is going to require that I live as if this is all there I have this one year, from January 2020 to December 2020, for this facing of my mortality is the most real and raw way to live full out, no more holding back in any aspect of my life.

A year to live is the greatest way to keep me aligned with what matters instead of feeling overwhelmed and pulled in directions that no longer serve what my soul is here to experience.  

But living this close to the edge of one's mortality will "freak" most of us out...I know this and know that it is only for a few that do not wish to die with the music still inside. 

It's a year to get radically comfortable with the uncomfortable and the unknown because when you do fear of anything and everything truly's about Facing Everything and Rising and practicing this in any gifted moment. 

Our Mortality is the Biggest Life Awakener on the Planet!  It Creates a sense of Urgency and Immediacy in your shifts you into Aliveness like nothing else can...

This year will be a deep compassionate dive into how brilliant and brief life is for this is what literally defibrillates us out of the "Someday" energy that so many of us are stuck in - you get focused on what matters "big time" and that someday energy dissolves almost immediately - yes scary for many of us, because you will actually take action on what matters most to you...

When you Learn to Live as if you are facing death at all times, at least for a year,  you'll become bolder and more open.

You see, I believe that it is because we avoid the subject of (death) that we also avoid Living our one precious Life in a way that matters to us...We avoid Death and so we avoid Life. It makes so much sense to me, what about you?

I can understand how, for some, the contemplation of death may seem counter-intuitive, but after much personal and professional research, reading and reflection I find that there can be no better or profound way to learn to truly LIVE Awake.

The Buddha recommended that we do just this, not to frighten us, but to truly wake us up to the fragile, fleeting and precious nature of our lives. To live as if we are facing death at all times, for we are. One never knows when the first day of that last year begins...and so we tend to waste it don't we?  

In 2020 I desire to embark on this journey and do a deeper dive with my own life and guide a few others, who aren't too freaked out by it, to do the's going to be an experience we'll never forget. 

I understand it's not for the faint of heart - it is, I believe for those that want to take some big bold, beautiful and very profound steps in 2020 and stay the course. To live it all and Feel it all and Finally Create what is in their Heart to Create and more holding back...

I'm calling it a Year to Live for it is this deeper practice and experience that encourages us to be more real and massively more clear about our priorities and more courageous. 

This is more about Life than Death if you really think about it.

A year to Love with no holding you are truly being this kind of love and it's not just written somewhere on your favourite mug or something...

A year to Forgive and Let go...finally release that heavy story...because a Year to Live helps you just drop it! It's like a weight has been lifted, giving you permission to just Live...

A Year to experience Joy like never before, in the simplest of the everyday...not in the fleeting of the external world and "stuff" which in the end doesn't matter all that much does it?

A Year to practice being so present in every drop of precious time you are gifted.  You can read about being in the Now and the Power of the Present moment till the cows come home but this practice shifts it from Theory into Reality - that's what I about you?

This year will not be about doing more but about experiencing more.

So who is this year for:

- someone who desires to finally shift from that "someday" life sucking energy

- someone with something of significance to start of finally finish (we all have something in us)

- someone who no longer wishes to miss any more of their life

- someone who truly wishes to focus on what matters like never before

- someone wishing to experience living a whole hearted life - not just talk about it, but feel it!

- someone who is deeply intrigued with this concept but does not wish to do it alone, be guided and surrounded

It's for me and anyone who truly wishes to Live Awake because this is what death does, it wakes us up to how precious life is...

It is a year to practice living as consciously as possible.

A year to live finishing unfinished business, a year to finally let go of that deepest regret, a year to catch up with our lives, a year to cultivate our true heart...

"It was the end of the line that ignited a new beginning.  A new way of noticing the life I was meant to live.  I'd spent one minute in Heaven and was guided to an eternity of miracles.  God presented me with a stairway into my soul.  A climb toward peace" Gerry Visca, the Life I Didn't Notice

I honour whatever journey you choose...and if this speaks to your soul, like it does to mine, message me or e mail me and I'll keep you in the loop.  

I'll be hosting a few live zoom info session to share more about this year will go down, how the practice of a Year to Live will unfold...stay tuned dearest.

Love Angela

Inspirational References for this Experience:

The Life I Didn't Notice ~ Gerry Visca

The Untethered Soul ~ Michael Singer

A Year to Live ~ Stephen Levine

Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsh

The Tao de Ching

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