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What's your Emotion for 2019?

So it's the 3rd day into a New Year and I see some awesome humans picking their word for the year and I love that and I'll for sure be putting some thought into my word, for this year. But for now, I have put more energy into my Emotion for this year - how I want to feel?

You see without the emotion the thought or word is kind of like a flat line on an EKG - it's lifeless and it ain't going anywhere. You have to feel it to create it and become it. The emotion, or rather elevated emotion brings the thought or word or intention to life!

If you know you will be over the top joyful when you manifest your desires you have to feel it now - not when. So your elevated emotion is over the top JOY.

If you know that you will be over the moon excited when your intention becomes a reality you have to feel it now. So your elevated emotion is EXCITEMENT.

And it does not serve me/us to leave this emotion to chance and at the mercy of external forces like the weather or if everyone will be "nice" today. Nope you have to intentionally create and generate that elevated emotional state.

So my elevated emotional state for 2019 is AWE - I want to feel Awe for my life and my creation. I want to be in awe of life itself. I don't want to take a single moment for granted. I want to walk around as if everything is a miracle. If I had one year to live (and who knows maybe that's all I have or even less) I would not want to waste a drop and I would want to be in awe of a tiny raindrop on my nose...I know that this state of Awe brings my creation to life. My creation is Symphonies for the Mind and I am in awe of this creation - how it serves, supports & strengthens the minds of people up to greatness.

So how do you create this elevated emotional state - one that is aligned with your highest intention, your greatest vision for your life?

You calm your lovely brain and mind every single day sweetie. You get your cute butt on a seat and meditate and practice creating and accessing that elevated state. For when you meditate your lovely brain and mind begin communicating with your intelligent heart - you actually create an "open heart" state and when you do that you begin to access elevated emotions that bring your intention, your desires and dreams to have to feel it now, not when.

What happens when you do? You start feeling this way more and more in everyday life. What happens then? You start to draw events, people and experiences that are aligned with your highest vision towards you. What happens then - it comes to life right before your eyes baby! You become magnetic!

So what is your emotion for 2019? Practice accessing and feeling it every single day...

with love


I give thanks to teachers like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neale Donald Walsh, a Course in Miracles and many more for this wisdom.

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