Creating Meditations that elevate the mind and help train and transform mindset 

Hello Awesome Humans! Welcome to my site and my creative work with Meditation & Mindfulness;  since 2008 I've been helping people with this incredible and vital practice. 


What I have found to be true, on this coaching journey, is that we all seek to experience new levels of peace, wellness & fulfillment and this is deeply connected to our Mindset.  


Meditation works because it trains our Mindset.  It is a mindset training practice; a tangible & proven way to elevate & transform our Mindset which positively impacts our health, our creativity and our performance in life. 

After over 10 years of coaching experience, I have chosen to devote myself to helping people and organizations with this practice.   

How to work with me...

Symphonies for the Mind


A Monthly Meditation practice combining the power of personal growth with meditation. 

The Inner Edge ~ for Organizations


An on line meditation initiative to serve and support the mindsets of people in organizations 

Meditation Content Creation 


More about my portfolio for Internal Learning portals or special initiatives. 

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