Hi I'm Angela and I exist to help you Go Within and connect to Who you really are and what matters most to you.  I believe this is the fullest experience of Aliveness and I believe all us desire to feel more Alive before we Die - I know I do!


The way I help people go within is with the proven beauty and power of Meditation. Meditation, I have come to discover is the most effective way to Go Within - Go Within to Grow Within.  Doesn't this simply make sense?


So I focus on creating inspiring meditations that help you do this because let's face it we are deeply conditioned, as humans, to be "run" by the external world - I know what it's like and I know it's not serving us. 

But first if you are visiting my site today I would love to give you a gift - a gift to help you in these times we find ourselves in.  A gift to help you Breathe when it's hard to breathe...


So just click on the Purple button and you can download a meditation that I believe might help you calm that gorgeous mind of yours, just a little, and that will serve and support you...


So back to what brought me to this path of creating meditations.  I've been a coach for over 10 years - coaching people on all aspects of Life & Leadership but what I found and felt along the way is that I wasn't helping people go Deep enough.  Meditation helps me help others go Deeper - deeper into the Mind - the subconscious mind and that is where, if you think about it logically we need to get to.  That's the place where the work on Self needs to go down. But it's a challenging place to access when the brain and mind are busy and that 's the gap that meditation helps you bridge.  

It's no wonder that more science is emerging around the Science of the Mind & Meditation and powerful articles in Time, the Harvard Business Review & Forbes, to name a few, are siting its effectiveness as a daily habit.


I like to say that anyone up to greatness, whatever that greatness looks like for you - health, healing, peace, happiness, success, fulfilment - needs to get their sweet butt on a seat & learn to calm their brain and practice going Inward.  We can all do it, even those reading this right now with the belief that you must have one of the busiest minds on the planet.

Today I love working with individuals, teams and also organizations who understand the importance and power of this "Inward" work and I truly believe, in the coming years, as the pace of change & challenge amplifies, this will become even more important to our mental & emotional well being and success.


So if you are ready for lasting change - a journey that begins from within...I cannot wait to serve and support you.  


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