Hi I'm Angela, and I love creating beautiful, inspiring & healing meditations that elevate & free the Mind because everything begins in the Mind.  


I've been a coach for over 10 years - coaching people on all aspects of Life & Leadership but today I focus on one thing - Meditation - as the science proves that it positively impacts the mind and therefore so many important aspects of our life.

Even the Harvard Business Review sites Meditation as one of the top Success Habits for the 21st century Leader & Entrepreneur.  


I like to say that anyone up to greatness needs to get their sweet butt on a seat, learn to calm their brain and practice going Inward.  That's where it's all happening.  

Go Inward or Go Without. 

Today I love working with individuals, teams and also organizations who understand the importance and power of this "Inward" work and I truly believe in the coming years, as the pace of change & challenge amplifies, this will become even more important to our mental well being and success.


So if you are ready for lasting change - a journey that begins from within...I cannot wait to serve and support you.  


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