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Hello Awesome Humans! Welcome to my site and my creative work with Meditation & Mindfulness;  since 2008 I've been helping people with this incredible and vital practice. 


What I have found to be true, on this coaching journey, is that we all seek to experience more peace in our lives.  Every time I connect with a lovely human, they often share that more peace is what they are seeking in their life. Yet, we keep seeking this in everything and anything in our external world.  We keep waiting for something outside of us to change and shift so that we can be more at's that working so far? 


The practice of meditation is really the practice of a peaceful mind.  Meditation allows us to practice Being Peace... you might want to read this a few times because it is incredibly profound.  


Through a more peaceful mind we can begin to experience all that we desire to have more of in our lives ~ health, healing, clarity, focus, emotional resilience, creativity...the list is endless.


It's no wonder that today meditation is being called a revolutionary wellness tool


This is why I create meditation programs like Symphonies for the Mind, which is now over 3 years old.  I create meditations that help people with the practice of a peaceful mind and that ultimately serve and support one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, growth & potential. 


I truly believe and see it in my practice that by turning our focus inward we can better navigate and thrive through these times.  We can actually see the opportunities and possibilities that they can present to us by turning our focus to our inner world ~ our mind & our mindset ~ rather than being "run" by our outer world.


In 2021, Symphonies for the Mind will continue to be a focused meditation experience that helps you with the practice of creating a peaceful mind ~ it's where the power of personal growth comes together with meditation. 


In 2021, as I continue my work with people in organizations & healthcare, I will be introducing a new monthly meditation program: Inner Wellness  Leaders in organizations are increasingly finding that meditation and mindfulness programs makes good wellness sense and therefore good business sense.  Healthcare professionals are increasingly prescribing it, it is my wish that more of our front lines experience the benefits for themselves. My intention with this program is that it be an incredible compliment to other wellness practices. 

So if you are ready to experience the benefits and freedom of a more peaceful mind, I'm here to help you...


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