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The Inner Edge
Empowering Minds, Building Resilience, Transforming Futures

Welcome to The Inner Edge—a transformative program dedicated to enhancing mental strength and resilience in workplaces during these unprecedented times.


Why is this work important?


In today's world, our greatest asset is our mind. The Brain, The Mind, and our Mindset dictate our success in every aspect of life. Yet, we often neglect the state of our minds, leaving it to chance.


Amidst the uncertainties of our new normal, individuals and organizations alike need concrete strategies for cultivating strength, resilience, performance, creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and clarity.


This is where Meditation & Mindfulness play a pivotal role.


Meditation gradually strengthens and elevates the mind, fostering sustained improvements over time. A robust mind isn't just advantageous for business; it enhances overall quality of life.




The Inner Edge is more than just another meditation program—it offers a unique blend of personal growth and meditation, designed to foster consistent mental wellness among employees.


Delivered through virtual mediums like Zoom, The Inner Edge ensures accessibility whether in the office, working remotely, or traveling. Each session is tailored to address themes most relevant to your organization.




Key Benefits


Personalized Themes:

Tailored sessions focus on organizational needs

Virtual Accessibility:

Convenient access via Zoom ensures consistency

Human Connection:

Offers guidance beyond digital tools, enhancing engagement

Interactive Q&A:

Sessions conclude with Q&A, fostering accessibility and inspiration




Join us in preparing your team for whatever challenges lie ahead.


Connect with me at to explore how - The Inner Edge can create a tailored mind-strengthening initiative for your workplace.


The Business Benefits of a Calmer Mind...


Imagine if more people on your team listened better, if there was less personal drama, if people arrived for calls and meetings more focused and present and if people actually loved change and challenges?

Recent research reveals the tangible benefits of meditation and mindfulness in the workplace. These kinds of programs can create benefits that add to organizational effectiveness and culture.

What others are saying...

“Angela has been giving meditations sessions for 18 months at Autodesk, at first at our office in Toronto, then with the pandemic, virtually. What I appreciate from Angela is her flexibility, desire to respond to our needs and always welcoming feedback. I like that she uses themes for every meditation, based on our suggestions. When you see Angela being so calm, generous and creative, you just want to meditate more to get the same benefits. I always thought meditation was inaccessible but I have changed my mind now. Many of us might feel that we can’t meditate because our mind is very busy and we cannot relax and focus on the moment. It is difficult, yet the more you take the time to stop and meditate, the easier it becomes. Angela has a few tips on how to settle our mind and I have seen real improvement. What I really like is that Angela always brings scientific facts to our meditation to explain how the mind and the brain work. As humans, we often look for evidence, right? In my HR position, I see employees struggling with the challenges Covid has brought over the last 15 months and I share with them how meditation can make a difference in these difficult times. Angela can make a difference.”

M.L. HR, Autodesk Canada

I started attending the weekly meditation sessions in the last few months after discovering them. They have been phenomenal, and I look forward to every Thursday (provided I do not have meeting conflicts). However frenetic the week is going and disorganized I am feeling juggling several projects, I always feel razor sharp in focus , re-energized refreshed and renewed after Angela’s meditation sessions. I had only recently explored meditation this past year, but it has been extremely beneficial in terms of focus, clarity and renewed energy levels. Thank you, Angela!  C.M.

"When I have presentations to large audiences (even over zoom) I tend to get a bit nervous, and my heart beats like crazy etc. Since starting your sessions, I have been trying some breathing before I have to present anything, and that has really helped to make me less nervous.  

Maybe that could be a topic or something to cover sometime? 

Other places to use this even if only for a couple minutes before things like presentations?I am enjoying the resetting aspect to help with clarity, as I can better address my work to be done."  D.W. 

"I joined the organization about a year ago and was delighted to find out about the weekly meditations.
This was quite telling about the many ways this company is taking care of employees.
I totally appreciate the Thursday morning sessions.  With Covid & a busy work schedule, having the possibility to schedule some time for my physical / mental health is amazing. 

These work-specific meditations vary to address multiple areas of interest (creative mind, stress management, emotional intelligence, adapting to change).

For me this is a personal time to calm the brain and learn. It gives me energy and helps me feel more in control for the week.  It is with great pleasure that I look forward to hearing the calming and confident voice of the coach every week."  L. A.

Angela Kontgen ~ 
Workplace Meditation & Mindset Coach 

I've been working for and with organizations for over 28 years. My coaching work has taken me across multiple sectors: Healthcare, Technology, Automotive, Entertainment and Financial.


Today, I focus on serving a few organizations who want to take a more holistic approach to helping their people address what the American Psychological Association calls, a "silent crisis" happening in workplaces, where 3 out of 5 employees report overwhelming levels of stress & burnout.  Addressing this is both the right thing to do and also helps contribute to the continuity of the organization.   

Over the course of my coaching career, I have also come to know that "one off" initiatives do very little.  Whereas, integrating an on-going  meditation & mindfulness experience builds practices that help with the mind and mindset into the culture. therefore going farther at helping people.  In my experience and also just listening to people, I have found that it's not as simple throwing apps or content around. For a few it might help, but having a live coach guiding people & building trust is invaluable.  

With the times we find ourselves in, I truly believe that a meditation initiative today just makes good business sense. It has become my passion and purpose to help people with these powerful practices.  

But not all workplaces will understand this, but there are a few "inspired" ones that go just a bit farther.  If that is you, please reach out and let's have a conversation about how I can help the minds in your workplace.  

Angela Kontgen

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