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Hello Friends! Welcome to my site and my creative work with Meditation & Mindfulness;  a vital tool for these times. If we are to see times of discomfort as a time for growth, renewal and possibilities it is so essential that we elevate our mind and mindset & the practice of meditation does this and today this is backed by research and science around the mind and meditation, which fuels my work even more! 


So many of us are experiencing unprecedented levels of wellness issues and we need new and complimentary tools to help us.  Meditation today is being called a revolutionary healthcare tool. 


So much of our well being begins with the state our mind, specifically with our ability to cultivate a more peaceful mind and mindset.  When we actively calm the brain and mind we actively shift into an "All is Well" state of being and from here new levels of physical, mental and emotional health are possible.  New levels of focus and creativity are possible.  New levels of empathy and emotional intelligence are possible which contributes greatly to a better relationship with ourselves and others around us. 


Meditation works because it trains and conditions the mind and therefore is a tangible way to elevate and train our mindset.


This is why I create meditation programs like Symphonies for the Mind, which is now over 3 years old.  I create transformative meditations to serve and support people's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, growth & potential.   


By turning our focus inward we can better navigate and thrive through these times.  We can actually see the opportunities and possibilities that they present by turning our focus to our inner world ~ our mind, rather than being "run" by our outer world.


In 2021, Symphonies for the Mind will continue to help you with the practice of creating a peaceful mind ~ helping you go within to grow within.  


In 2021 I will be introducing a monthly meditation program for organizations: Inner Wellness.   Organizations are increasingly seeing the value in helping people with this daily practice.  Meditation actually makes good business sense, especially for these times. It helps people in a tangible way. 

So if you are ready to experience the benefits and freedom of a more peaceful mind, I'm here to help you...


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