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Why Everything Awesome begins with a Calmer Mind...

Before I go on, don't you feel like somewhere inside you already know this to be true. Before I present the 3 reasons why or build a case for it backed by science and research - that wise part of you just knows that "yes" everything awesome is possible when my brain and mind are just wakes sense right?

Whatever you are seeking to experience in this lifetime, whether that is happiness, fulfillment, peace, abundance, is very likely not going to happen or unfold for you if you are in a constant "busy mind" state it will happen and meditation research is backing this up when the brain and mind are calmer.

This busy mind state that we allow ourselves to be in and I say allow because for most of us, it is a choice to be in this state of mind - most of us choose this non-stop "survival" way of being. Most of us know that something's gotta give...maybe the first step to solving some really big life issues is to slow and calm that gorgeous mind down.

This survival state of mind is leading to all sorts of issues - health being a huge one! If you look at it logically from a brain perspective when the brain is in busy/ survival mode it is not in optimal health and healing mode. When the brain is in non-stop busy mode it is sending signals to the rest of the bodies life systems that it's simply trying to survive so it doesn't really need the digestive, immune, hormonal systems among others to function optimally - it makes sense right?

So from a health point of view if you are in survival mode you can drink all the wheat grass you want and while it will do some good (better than downing 2 fat laden burgers) you will not optimize that nutrient in survival mode. You can take the latest herb from the jungles of Brazil that is has been shown to do this that or the other but in survival mode you are not optimizing this supplement.

You can boogie all day and all night and while it will do the body some good you might not lose the extra pounds around the middle that the body likes to hold onto if it is in survival mode - I saw this all the time in my personal training days - people who seemed to be doing so much of the "right' thing - mostly eating right, moving everyday but still not getting the results they desired. When I looked at their lives they typically, like so many of us, lived non-stop and very stressful lives. It was really beginning to make so much sense to me especially as I was discovering the science of the busy brain & mind.

So doesn't it makes sense that the first step towards new levels of health and healing is to calm the brain and mind - this actively sets the body up for health and healing to occur and to take place at whole new levels. It puts you in a healing state. I remember being at an Anthony Robbins event years ago and how he got us all to jump around during the day - actively creating a peak state. What you are doing through the calming of the brain and mind in Meditation is actively putting yourself in a more optimal healing state - shifting the body from survival to healing mode.

I will be shouting from the roof tops when and if it becomes a more common practice for physicians to put patients on a 30 day Rx of calming the brain and mind with meditation before giving a Rx for a drug - it's not to say that patient might not still need one but at least you have put the patient into a healing mode before giving something external - I know it's not only me that sees the logic to this....

From a performance point of view - I see so many organizations filled with stressed out employees trying to navigate a pace of change that out paces our human abilities to navigate. It seems that most organizations simply expect employees to continue to - Focus, Create, Innovate, build relationships with customers and clients and the list goes on - they expect employees to do this when they are operating in survival mode and then we wonder why studies show epic increases in disengagement, leaves of absences and turnovers. In these times of change and challenge it is even more important to help set people's brains and minds up to navigate these help them actively shift out of survival makes so much sense.

That's why more organizations actually see that a habit like Meditation makes good business sense, why it is an awesome performance enhancing strategy and it's not just for those "loafers" who have nothing better to day with their time. It is for every human being that wishes to thrive despite the times they find themselves in...

This is why I get so massively exited about Meditation as a Life habit, as a Success habit, as a habit that every human on the planet with a brain can do and benefit from.

I imagine a world of calmer minds and the decisions that are possible, the possibilities that are possible, the creations that are possible...the health and healing that is might think OMG you are just getting too ahead of yourself and yes maybe I am but I also see what has been and is happening to our world when most of us are trying to live in this survival state - it's not working - it's destroying us and destroying the planet....

So I am going to stop writing now and get back to creating meditations that will inspire more people to calm their gorgeous minds. If you are reading this maybe you agree, maybe you don't but even if you are skeptical you might want do a 30 day challenge - prove me wrong if you wish - get your cute butt on a seat, each morning, as soon as you wake, calm your brain and mind to a guided meditation and see what unfolds...

I'm here if you need me.


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