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Warning! Meditation leads to Happiness...

Who among us is not seeking happiness on some level - whether we desire to feel blissed out joy or we are simply seeking to feel a bit more happiness in our lives. Whatever it is for you - Meditation is a solution.

Even with all the seeming mess and chaos around us - viruses, the economy, countries attacking each the end of the day every single human, with the time that they have on this planet, wants to feel happy and wants what comes with happiness - peace, calm, fulfilment, better get where I'm going with this and at this point you can fill in your own personal outcome of more happiness.

But here's the thing dear awesome human reading these words; we keep seeking happiness in everything and everyone outside of ourselves and while some of these things might seem to lead to some shape or form of happiness - they are not a true source of happiness.

A true source of happiness is always internal; it's something that regardless of what's going on around you, you can access & you can create.

I remember being in this little Buddhist temple, years ago, listening to an amazing lecture on "Happiness". The wonderful monk giving the lecture stated that anything outside of our selves was not a source of happiness. Now, this led to some pretty great debates and questions with those in attendance. People argued that this was not so because their kids, as an example, were a source of happiness and the monk calmly stated: "Well, what happens when the kids leave or disappoint you in some way? What then? Are they still your true source of happiness? And if they are a true source of happiness can you be with them 24/7 and feel happy and fulfilled?" Well, if you really think logically about that, the answer is No. Why? Because, at some point you will need a break from those kids, even the greatest kids on the planet. You cannot be with them endlessly and be truly happy. Your kids, or your cat or your dog (fill in the blanks here) are not a true source of happiness. Sure they can give moments of happiness, of course they can and they do. Now some of you, I know, are shaking in your head in various states of disagreement at this point and I get it.

Yet, here's what made so much sense during that lecture, what I contemplate often and what works for me in life: a true source of happiness is always there, it never leaves you, you can always access it and create it, regardless of circumstances around you. You also never need a break from this true sense of happiness within. It's just there ready for you to access it, whenever you choose. A true source of happiness is within - always within.

I know, I know some of you, right this minute, are saying to yourselves: "Well, you have just never met my cat; my cat is the truest source of happiness there ever was!" Okay, dear one, I'm not going to argue that, because in your mind it is. I'm just offering a perspective on "happiness" for you to consider and you can do with it whatever you wish. If seeking happiness in your cat or anything else in your external world is working - then go to town. I wish you well...

But in my almost 56 years on this planet, I have found it to be true, that happiness is a state I create within, a state I access in my mind and that regardless of what is going on, it's there. Yes, even if utter mayhem is going down around me; that state of happiness is within, waiting for me to access it, if I choose and I may not choose to in those moments when life seems to falling apart, but it's there.

Now let's just add at this point, that it is pretty hard, if not usually impossible, to create or access this inner happy space when the brain and mind are busy. I have found, for me, I just cannot find my happy place when my brain is all busy and running through my 1001 to-do's. Nope - just not happening...

However, when the brain and mind get calmer that's where happiness becomes more available to us. That is where meditation comes into play and that is why, now even with all this "economy's going to hell" talk around us; Meditation is not a nice to - it's Vital Baby!

A calm brain is a happy brain. A calm mind is a happy mind and studies prove this ( I just wanted you to know that it's not just me sitting on my seat saying this ). Studies show that meditation impacts the brain in incredibly positive ways. Meditation dials down, for example, certain brain centres responsible for ruminating and worrying, both of which rob us of our happiness. There are numerous ways that meditation positively impacts the brain, this is just one example that, in itself, can directly lead to more happiness. Very very cool don't you think?

So there you go, those are my inspired thoughts on a lovely Monday morning as I prep for a lovely upcoming meditation session for an inspired workplace.

Thinking of you...


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