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The powerful practice of Letting Go...

"Yeah I've read all the books and attended all the workshops, I know that surrender and trust are powerful, but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. It just has never felt that the universe has my back"

Does this or something similar sound like what often goes through your mind around the energy of letting go; a concept we kind of toss around out there in the lollipop land of personal growth yet at the end of the day it is just this - a concept - so taking your hands off the wheels of control just doesn't seem like a great idea, especially now in the mess and mayhem that the world finds itself in.

Maybe it's because we simply have not been shown "how" to Let Go...the practice of trusting and surrendering, a knowingness that the universe always has your back even in storms - especially then. We also do not "practice" letting go - yes practice. Like anything worthy and incredible - letting go takes practice. Frequent practice!

Enter Meditation as a powerful way to practice Letting Go.

I know this might all sound kind of "whooo whooo" - letting go, handing it all over to a higher power - but if you take a deep dive into the laws of creation, you will note that letting go, trusting and surrendering is a vital.

Yes, you have to get clear on what it is you wish to create and experience with your one wild and most precious life. You have to see it in your mind - again enter meditation!

Yes you have to do the work to believe - enter meditation again as a powerful way to build those believing muscles.

Yes, you have to take daily inspired action because unlike what the Secret shared years ago, your grandest creation and desire will not show up without you getting off your sweet butt and taking some action.

But then after all that dearest you have to practice Letting Go - surrendering...handing it over to a higher power, be that the Universe, the Devine, God - whatever name inspires the pants off you.

Taking inspired action does not mean controlling, manipulating and getting all caught up in the details. Taking your hands off the wheel and allowing yourself to be guided to next steps opens you to possibility, to your creation unfolding in a ways that are meant to amaze you and also in ways that are right for you.

Letting go also means you make room for this creation to come from the deepest most authentic part of you. Authenticity is the ultimate practice of letting go.

"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we actually are." Brene Brown, Author & Researcher

So in November if you are up for the experience: Letting Go is our practice on the Symphonies for the Mind meditation journey...we will practice, through meditation, Letting Go and letting the Devine guide and support us...

If you are exhausted with needing to control it all and feel like you have to keep it all together, all the time...and maybe realizing just how that doesn't seem to work very well - maybe check this out.

Sending great love


Your Meditation Coach

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