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The gift of a better work day...part 2!

Updated: May 17, 2021

So why strive for a more mindful team and organization?

Well a mindful team creates an even better organization, it's an easy way to inject well being and an innovative performance tool into an organization and why well known creators like Richard Branson do it and companies like Apple, Google and Autodesk integrate it.

A Mindful team might just feel better and healthier overall. One study found that two weeks of mindfulness and meditation decreased emotional exhaustion and even increased job satisfaction. A mindful team can work more harmoniously together - listening even better with enhanced empathy; emotional intelligence skill sets that are actually built through the practice of meditation.

Mindful teams become even more innovative. 93% of leaders reported that mindfulness training helped them create space for innovation and 70% said that it helped them think more strategically.

It's no surprise and so exciting that there is a growing interest in meditation as a way to build leadership skills and achieve business goals...and as I stated in part 1, of this post, it kind of turns you into a Ninja...and who doesn't want to be a Ninja!

Meditate and live well...


Your Meditation Coach and Creator

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