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The gift of a better work day!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Focus...Clarity...Ease...are not necessarily words that you might associate with your workday...but they could be, through the active participation and practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Imagine if more people on your team listened better, if there was less personal drama, if there was even more kindness and consideration for each other? What kind of impact would that create all around. Maybe it would feel better or even better to be at work. Recent research reveals the tangible benefits of meditation and mindfulness in the workplace. These kinds of programs can create benefits that add to organizational effectiveness and culture.

A meditation initiative can become a proactive and productive pause in our working day, either before the day begins, midday or even transitioning at the end of the day.

As the studies and research around the mind and meditation continue to grow, this is becoming a more evidence-based practice. There is a growing awareness in healthcare, even traditional healthcare, of the benefits and more companies see integrating this practice into company culture as making "good business sense", especially now in these times.

Meditation in the workplace has benefits in 3 main areas: Health & Wellbeing, Productivity and Creativity.

Multiple research studies have shown meditation to help reduce anxiety, thereby potentially increasing resilience and performance, even under stress. Meditators often share that, over time, they feel calmer and more grounded in their day, even when they are not meditating. They notice a difference in their day and how they feel on the days they meditate and on the days they do not. Meditation in itself actively shifts our state from "fight or flight" mode to "all is well" or "I can handle this" mode. When the brain and mind are more calm the emotional centre in our brain - the amygdala, dials down, a very good thing when it comes to managing our emotions and a key element of emotional intelligence.

Meditation creates an even better brain and who doesn't want that? Stress impacts the brain and it's ability to function optimally thus impacting productivity and creativity. After a couple of weeks of practice, one study found it helped people's focus and memory . As new studies keep rolling out, ancient benefits around this practice are now being confirmed with brain imaging scans.

When it comes to creativity, don't you find that you are at your most creative when your mind is more relaxed? Your best ideas come in the shower or while out for a walk in nature? Research actually confirms this, that we have our biggest breakthroughs and insights when we are in a more meditative or relaxed state of mind. When the brain and mind are more calm we are actively placing our mind into creativity mode, this is likely why meditation encourages divergent thinking, new ways of looking at things, coming up with the greatest possible solutions - a key component of creativity.

To sum it up...meditation, over time, because nothing happens over night, nothing truly significant and transformative, anyway, kind of turns you into a Ninja...and who doesn't want to be a Ninja!

Meditate and live well...


Your Meditation Coach and Creator

Angela has been giving meditations sessions for 18 months at Autodesk, at first at our office in Toronto, then with the pandemic, virtually. What I appreciate from Angela is her flexibility, desire to respond to our needs and always welcoming feedback. I like that she uses themes for every meditation, based on our suggestions. When you see Angela being so calm, generous and creative, you just want to meditate more to get the same benefits. I always thought meditation was inaccessible but I have changed my mind now. Many of us might feel that we can’t meditate because our mind is very busy and we cannot relax and focus in the moment. It is difficult, yet the more you take the time to stop and meditate, the easier it becomes. Angela integrates tips on how to settle our mind and I have seen real improvement. What I really like is that Angela always brings scientific facts to our meditation to explain how the mind and the brain work. As humans, we often look for evidence, right? In my HR position, I see employees struggling with the challenges Covid has brought over the last 15 months and I share with them how meditation can make a difference in these difficult times. Angela can make a difference.” Marie Lacasse, HR, Autodesk

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