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Something incredible for the Human Mind...

I know you know this...I'm speaking to the choir here...I know you know that your Mind is your most vital asset. It's the CEO of everything. New levels of performance, creativity and well-being depend on the mind and it's state in any given moment. The mind is also the one thing you can, if you choose, control or get better at controlling. It might not feel like it, but you can get better at controlling the mind and creating a better mind.

And right now, maybe it feels like your mind is controlling you, most of the time. The fact is that your mind, left to its own devices, is essentially running the show - running you. Your mind left untrained is essentially being run by the external world...It's just the way it need to get all upset about it. It's just good for us to pause in this moment and become even more aware that this is just the way it is. As you read this, it just makes sense doesn't it?

So what we need, especially now, in these times, is something incredible for the human mind. Something that will empower us to not be so controlled by an "untrained" mind and hence external forces and something that empowers us, over time, to create a new and even better mind. Something that helps us tap into and harness the power and potential of the human mind.

What is this incredible thing for the human mind?


Try not to get all freaked out by the mere mention of this word because through the practice of "meditation" you begin to create a better mind and who doesn't want and need that? Through meditation you stop doing a "surface job" on training your mind.

Meditation is the gateway to 90% of your mind; the subconscious mind. Without it, the doors to this limitless part of your mind are essentially closed. Meditation also rewires your brain and hence your mind.

So if you believe that the mind is what determines the world you see, how you see the world and hence what you experience in the world is determined by the state of your mind, then the noisier and messier the world gets the more you need meditation in your life. It's just the way it is...

Even if you've tried it and it hasn't worked so well so far; keep going, keep trying - it's worth it!

Get some help with this extraordinary practice for the human mind. I see it everyday in those that persevere. In the beginning it seems impossible to get that non-stop mind even a little under control. But the mind is a muscle and like any muscle, over time, as you just do the work - as you get your cute butt on the seat, preferably each morning, before the day has a chance to really get a hold of you, the mind begins to improve. It slowly begins to feel like you are more in control of your mind - and slowly is good in this case. Slowly but surely is amazing when it comes to meditation. There are no easy steps or quick fixes - just sit your sweet ass on the seat and do the work dear human.

Over time, it begins to feel like you are choosing what you put into your mind or replacing what does not serve the mind with what serves, supports and strengthens it. You get better at harnessing the power of your mind and that is incredible!

Here are a few reflections to get you started:

What about these words makes sense to me?

What am I waiting for?

What help do I need?

To get started:

- Just decide - I'm doing this! Nothing happens until you decide.

- Keep it simple - find a seat for your morning practice and a short simple guided meditation to get started, no need need for a special room or buddha statues everywhere

- Keep doing it! When you get off track, just get right back on the seat.

With compassion and understanding for the human condition, I send you love and a great belief in your Mind...


Meditation Coach & Creator

If you are an individual who wishes to really ramp up their meditation practice check out Symphonies for the Mind...

If you are wishing to help people in your workplace with this powerful proven practice check out the Inner Edge...

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