Everything you are seeking is inside you!  You just have to find a way "IN" and that is where Meditation comes in.  A powerful, proven and amazing way to get "IN" to you - to strengthen yourself from the inside because that is where it's all going on. 


 Go IN or  go Without - Without going in, You go Without True Strength, true Clarity, true Creation, true Peace and anything awesome your heart is seeking.


However, It is a challenge for all of us to create a pathway IN and strengthen ourselves from the Inside and that is Why most of us are continuously run by external forces - other people, events, cirucumstances - you name it.  Any little thing throws us or rather our mind off course.  An Exhausting way to live.


So this is a unique 3 month guided and supported coaching program, for those who are ready and no longer wish to be run and defined by the external world.    You will be guided and supported as you strengthen your connection to yourself for this is everything and impacts everything.  


Month 1:  CALM

Learn to Calm your Brain & Mind and begin creating an inward path.  We focus on the daily game changing habit of meditation.  Building the foundation.  A Customized Meditation is created for you.


Month 2: CONNECT

As you strengthen the pathway to yourself, through meditation,you strengthen your connection to your Intelligent & Intuitive Heart.  Science is showing us that the Heart is not merely an organ but one of the most powerful energies within us.  Through a calmer brain and mind and a more connected heart, we are able to create new levels of Focus and Clarity around what it is you are meant to be.  A New Meditation is created for you around a specific and special area of focus that you would like to connect to. 


Month 3: CREATE

Now we are really rockin!  In month 3 we learn to let go and really step into becoming the powerful creators we are all born to be. As well, we learn how to sustain the journey, sustain this place of inner strength through all of life's rises and falls 


2 Months of access to Symphonies for the Mind are provided on this journey.  Symphonies is a journey of Inspiring meditations that guide, calm, elevate and free the mind.  Where the Power of Personal Growth meets the magic & effectiveness of Meditation!


The best part - You are not alone, we'll be working together towards a stronger and true connection to yourself.  

Inward Personal Coaching Program