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Meditation & mindfulness train the brain and strengthen our mind and mindset.  Today the growing science is proving this is so and which is why meditation has become so acceptable and widespread from CEO's to Athletes and everyone in between. 


Yet, while it is growing massively in popularity, when it comes to anything around the mind, it can be a little intimidating or inaccessible and sometimes we can use a little extra support and guidance with the powerful practice of meditation and mindfulness, espeically in these times.  


In this 3 month initiative we will focus on getting you comfortable & confident with this powerful practice.  


You will:

- get inspired by your mind on meditation, the science behind it

- build the habit into your life

- get better at harnessing the power of meditation to serve goals in your life

-  learn to use meditation to enhance your visualization and creative skills 


The 3 month journey will be customized to your needs but follow this path. 


Month 1:  CALM

Learn and get comfortable with the practice of calm your Brain & Mind and understand why this is foundational to training the brain and strengthening mindset. You will building the foundation.   We will connect via zoom meeting twice in this month.


Month 2: CONNECT

As you strengthen your mind calming capabilites you will also strengthen your connection to yourself, your life and your dreams and goals and this is a super power!

Through a calmer brain and mind and a more connected heart, we are able to create new levels of Focus and Clarity around what it is you are meant to be.  We will connect two times via zoom meeting in this month. 


Month 3: CREATE

Now we are really rockin!  In month 3 we learn to let go and really step into becoming the powerful creators we are all born to be.  In this month we focus on manifestation and visualization. As well, we learn how to sustain the journey, sustain this place of inner strength through all of life's rises and falls and once again we will connect via zoom meeting 2 times in this month.



The best part - You are not alone, we'll be working together towards a stronger and true connection to yourself.  

Brain Training

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