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A strong mindset, one that can withstand the new levels of uncertainty and change that we face in modern life, does not just happen and the mindsets of poeple are the strongest asset that any organization has.  Imagine an organization of people intentionally working to strengthen mindsets so that they can not only go through anything, but grow throw anything.  This is where the power and effectiveness of mind training practices like meditation come into play. 

The Inner Edge is a mindset strengthening experience for organizations, delievered weekly, via a virtual medium like zoom, making it incredibly accessible for those on site and tuning in remotely to get more intentional about building stronger mindsets. 

The weekly sessions and meditations are themed and relevant to what people are experiening and what would serve and support people.   

For example:

- Adapting to Change

- Creating a positive work enviroment

- Dealing with fear, uncertainty & anxiety

- tapping into your creative side 

- managing your emotions in uncertain times

- emotional intelligence

- physical well-being

- clarity & focus

- visioning possibilities



Inspiration + Meditation = a stronger Mindset!

The Inner Edge - A Quarterly Corporate Meditation Experience

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