There is strength in asking for support. It is my greatest wish that no one ever feels alone on their path of growth & greatness and so whether I've just created a personalized meditation for you or you are part of the Symphonies for the Mind journey - you might benefit from a bit of1:1 coaching time to help further refine your meditation practice and/or learn how to use the power of meditation in everyday life & leadership. Or maybe you are going through a particularly difficult time in your life and wish some support and how to use the power of meditation to help you through it. I'm here...

Every Individual is on a unique journey.

A 1:1 coaching session helps to align the goal of meditation with your personal goals, unique life circumstances and experiences. 


​You'll walk away with:

-  Clarity and focus around your desires & goals

-  Renewed energy and inspiration for the journey ahead

- A greater understanding of how to use meditation in everyday life & leadership

- support through a challenge or change and how to use the power of meditation through this time

-  Someone to help you stay the course

1:1 Support Session