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Are you so excited about launching yourself as a coach but just a little overwhelmed with how to bring it all together in a way that feels right for you?  

Well, this 3 month program will help you:

- Get totally clear on why you are coaching, what your own unique way of coaching is and who your ideal client is

- Layout your unique coaching program - A to Z - so that all you have to do is coach!

- Create the layout for your coaching website

- Market your coaching program in a way that feels authentic and right for you

- set up the logistics of coaching (setting up the coaching agreement, invoicing etc.) 

- Build a coaching schedule that feels right and fits into your lifestyle 

- Stay on track as you build the foundation of your coaching business

- Attract the first client, maybe two!


We will work together, via zoom, meeting twice per month for 1 to 1.5 hours to move this wonderful dream forward. 


At the end of 3 months, maybe 4, if you need a little more support you will feel even more confident and ready to help others.  

Coaching the Coach

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