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Your Secret Super Power!

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” Earl Nightingale

You dearest, have a super power and you are barely scratching the surface of it's profound potential in your life; I say this with great compassion for the human condition. I too, for so many years, read about it, understood it, was inspired by it but was doing a surface job with my super power.

You and I have been given a mind and this mind creates our reality. The mind creates reality through images - through imagination - which is the act and power of forming mental images. This is your super power!

But first, before you continue reading anymore, you must decide, if you believe that you are in the drivers seat when it comes to creating your reality and that your reality is created with your mind. I say this for there are many, still, who believe otherwise. No judgement, but if you believe otherwise you cannot be in the drivers seat - you are either the creator of your reality or at the mercy of your external world - no grey area here. I have to give credit to a Course in Miracles, years ago, for helping me shift my perspective on this and I find it has really served me and my journey.

So while all of us have this super power, most of us are using this super power unconsciously and not usually effectively. Why? Well for most of us, even once aware that our mind creates our reality, we choose to do the work and exist in a very limited part of our mind - the conscious, analytical busy mind - also known as the judging mind. This part of our mind serves us, to some extent but it limits us. It's the part of our mind that creates mostly through "self talk" and so because most of our self talk can be repetitive, unconscious and negative, no surprise that we end up creating the same reality over and over again. This part of our mind is designed to help us "survive" and not set up to help us create. So because we choose to exist here nothing really changes and moves forward.

Notice how I say we "choose" to exist there...very important point!

Your imagination, your super power comes to life once you gain access to the subconscious mind - that's 90% of your mind! Once you choose to no longer only exist in your limited conscious mind. Your Subconscious is the creative part of your mind and where all beliefs are held - so that's the place to do the work sweetie - it is when you gain access to deeper levels of mind that you truly harness your super power! But while I was understanding this more and more thorough the years I had no idea how to get "IN" there.

And that's where Meditation comes in!

Meditation opens up the Subconscious Mind! I have to credit the scientific work of Dr Joe Dispenza who has inspired my mind and my work with this deeper understanding.

That is why I have become so massively on fire about this simple, yet so profound daily habit. It's like I've opened Pandora's box and the secrets of the universe. As I stated earlier, for years, I read about all these concepts - the power of visualization, the power of the subconscious mind, thoughts become things, emotional intelligence and on it goes - but there was gap between theory and application.

When I discovered the science of the mind on meditation - BANG it all started fitting into place!

So you and I, all of us, have a super power, your gorgeous mind's ability to create through the power of image, imagination, visualization (all the same things really) but we are not harnessing that super power and consciously using it everyday to it's fullest capacity to create and therefore experience the highest version and vision of ourselves and or lives.

That is why I love creating Symphonies for the Mind - inspiring meditations around powerful themes of personal growth to help you access the who you really are - a creator and who you choose to be! I love it!

The latest meditation: CREATE is designed to help you build and strengthen your super power of Visualization and Imagination!

See you on the journey lovely humans...


Meditation Coach & Creator

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