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Your Mind can make you...or break you...

Our greatest asset as humans is our mind. It is what has allowed us to evolve as a species

It is the medium and vehicle for creation itself. We create our life and our life experiences first through the mind. Life happens around us and it is the mind that manufactures what that will mean to us and how we will allow it to impact us and our choices.

So, I know as you are reading this, it just all makes sense to you. You've read about the power of the mind & you have evidence in your own life. Yet, if you truly believed in this powerful mind of yours would you go a day without training it?

When NASA was selecting it's astronauts they not only trained them physically but most importantly mentally. You can have all the physical strength and well being in the world, but the mind is what will break you or set you free. Astronauts had to be prepared for anything and to stay calm so that they could do so.

When the mind is busy - imagine a glass bottle with boiling water - you cannot see clearly. It is only when the water settles that we can see clearly and so it is with the mind. When the mind is upset, agitated or over-thinking anything; clarity is almost not possible. We cannot see the next possible steps or solutions before us in churning waters.

This is why the practice of a calmer mind is not just a "nice" thing to relieve a little stress in our lives - it's vital baby! Especially as life and these times get more turbulent and uncertain. Not meaning to sound doom and gloom but it just looks like the future holds many more uncertainties before us...and if we are to meet these with strength, a calm mind, is one of the practices that will serve us.

Meditation is the practice of a calm, clear mind. The mind is like that churned up glass of boiling water, until you introduce an intentional practice like meditation to calm those mental waters down - even a little means success! I often say this in my meditations because often we believe that we have to totally clear and calm the mind for success - not true and maybe not even a reasonable intention to have. Even a glimpse of a calm mind means you've succeeded and gained benefits.

I can see clearly now is a state of mind you create and when the mind is calmer...your mind helps you move forward or it keeps you makes you or breaks you.

So you can sit there and perhaps quietly agree with these words or you can meditate - try it out.

You can also sit there and disagree with these words or you can just try it for yourself...see what happens - test it out - I've helped some of the busiest and even skeptical minds achieve success with this practice.

See you on the seat...

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