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You are in Good Company

If you part of a workplace that is using meditation to create an even better and more productive environment - way to go - you are in such great and growing company!

In the wake of this pandemic it's never been more important for business and HR leaders to look for new and innovative ways to address the well being of people. Companies like Google, Sony and Facebook have all figured out the secret sauce behind this ancient and today highly researched practice - meditation makes good business sense, especially for these times.

Today, there is even more need, within workplaces, for accessible wellness practices that not only offer individual support but that can strengthen bonds within teams, increase productivity and creativity and even build leadership skills like emotional intelligence.

More workplaces are into bringing in accessible practices like mindfulness, not simply as a "one-off" lunch & learn, but as part of the daily and weekly culture. These practices are helping to create change from the inside out because the stress that these times are magnifying can prevent us from fully focusing, doing our best work and enjoying our work.

Google has been offering meditation classes since 2007 and these "Search inside yourself" sessions, as they are called, continue to evolve over time and are now part of Google culture. The workplace at Facebook is designed to enhance calmness and creativity - understanding that calmness actually supports and strengthens the creative mind. Maybe these workplace are fast figuring out what Harvard scientists have been researching - that meditation actually changes your brain structure - in a very very good way.

INC. Mag reports that meditation has gone mainstream in workplaces around the world - on line classes today make it even easer to go zen anytime and anywhere. This is no longer a practice for those that "have time" but rather for those that wish to actively train the mind and mindset.

Due to the mounting research around its benefits, meditation is becoming a staple employee development in organizations like General Mills, Apple and Nike.

So if you are in one of these workplaces give yourself a big YES! Get excited, participate even if at first it feels uncomfortable - because it will - anything new and worthy is usually uncomfortable. Don't allow yourself to be drawn into the crowd that believes this is for those with too much time on their hands or who cannot handle a bit of stress - nope! You are part of the growing number of people and workplaces who see the bigger picture of this powerful practice. Keep going you are in good company....

Keep calming your Mind.


Meditation Coach & Creator

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