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Why Meditation is the Perfect "Compliment" for Health, Healing and new levels of anything Great!

On this journey of helping people calm their gorgeous minds with Meditation, I get the great pleasure of connecting to quite a few lovely humans. Humans like you and me that are all navigating the daily rises and falls and through it all, I have come to find, that all of us experience similar things.

All of us feel overwhelmed sometimes...

All of us feel anxious sometimes or go through periods where we feel anxious a lot of the times...

All of us go through short and/or longer periods of sadness and can experience times of depression

All of us sometimes or a lot of the time feel that we are not "good enough" or not "deserving of"...

All of us, often believe that everyone else must have it more "together" than we do.

The list goes on but you get the picture...

All of these experiences are so human...and none of us are really immune. Social media doesn't help matters as it's always showing us images of the perfect life or body and those that have it all "figured it out" in six easy steps.

So what I have found, on my own lovely ride, and now helping others on their ride is that the daily practice of going Inward with meditation has become the perfect compliment to navigate life's turbulent times while still allowing me to feel I am moving what matters forward. Without it I know I would be easily caught up in the currents and riptides of daily life.

When I go through times of feeling any of what I listed above I find that Meditation helps me be easier on myself and this in itself is incredible. Meditation has allowed me with the "practice" of loving all..the whole messy ride and this too is incredibly powerful because the whole messy ride is my one precious life and messy or not I don't want to miss a drop of it. Loving the whole ride also helps me see the perfection of it all...what I'm meant to learn and is a way better place from which to make choices and decisions, I find. And when life gets even crazier the last thing I give up is getting my cute butt on a seat and calming my brain and mind - this is the time to really hunker down and go within.

So I hope these words have inspired you that Meditation is an amazing compliment to an awesome life - it's not a therapy or an "instead of" - it's a powerful and effective compliment. It will add to whatever else you are pursuing to help or heal your life or to take you to that next level of fulfilment or success...

Why? Because dear one...anything awesome begins with a calmer brain and mind. When the brain is calmer, which is the first function of meditation, the brain sends signals of "all is well" to the rest of the body and from this state dearest human new levels of anything great are possible.

So get your cute butt on a seat and if you need help check out Symphonies for the Mind - a personalized meditation journey. The next series of meditations are all designed to help you with the powerful theme of Living the Way - surrender, trust, an openness to new perspectives, allowing the way to unfold in a way that is right for'll love it.

With love...Angela

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