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Where Personal Growth Gets Real!

Years ago I had a vision...what if I could bring the power of Personal growth together with the magic and effectiveness of Meditation?

I had been a coach, at that point for quite some time, coaching individuals and in organizations but I felt like I was still scratching the surface. As well, after years of personal exploration into the area of Meditation, the science of the Mind on Meditation came into my awareness and I knew in my heart that this was not random.

Simultaneously I had a growing desire to go deeper and shift from knowing this stuff - this brilliant personal growth stuff that we all read about and talk about but that I felt for myself and I witnessed in my own coaching practice was often so hard to live - does that makes sense?

So then in one brilliant moment - Intention collided with a Feeling and a knowingness and Bang Symphonies for the Mind was born. Don't you love it when you get inspired by something so beautiful and then all of a sudden just know this is coming from a higher place? I can't explain it any other way and I know that sounds kind of whooo whooo so just work with me here...

I knew that Symphonies for the Mind was to be a monthly journey where each month I would create a beautiful inspiring Meditation and wrap it around a theme of Personal Growth and Transformation to help people go deeper and do the work where you need to do the work which is in the Subconscious Mind! When the brain is calmer - one of the main functions of Meditation, you gain access to the Subconscious Mind and within the Subconscious Mind is where it all comes to life! Within the Subconscious Mind is where we grow. I love this concept and it just makes so much sense to me.

As well, when the mind is calmer you engage the HEART - your intelligent intuitive heart! and when that happens you become a magnet. Your Intentions and desires become magnetized. It's like the Universe all of a sudden hears you because before then you were coming in all hazy and muddled. But now you are coming in loud and clear because it is the Feeling, generated from a connected heart, that brings anything and everything awesome to life. Through Meditation you gain access to your intelligent Heart.

Symphonies for the Mind is not or never has been about more meditations or overwhelming you with more content - you can go to an app or stay on social media for that and there's already too much content and information going down don't you think? It's paralyzing us. Even if so much of it is great stuff it's still leaving us in a puddle of overwhelm not knowing what to focus on. I knew this constant drowning in more content wasn't serving me so I thought well maybe it's not just me...

Symphonies for the Mind is about helping you GO DEEP with one meditation and one theme of personal growth so it starts to get REAL for you in your life and it always has been about helping you feel surrounded and supported - which is the part I truly LOVE...One Meditation to rule them all! - for all my Lord of the Rings fans out there!

Doesn't it makes so much sense to you that Growth and Greatness is a journey and not an over night success or 6 easy steps. We keep being sold "Quick fixes" but ask yourself how seeking the quick fixes or quick solutions are working for us so far? It's never worked for me...and I'm tired of seeking it.

The journey to who you really are and all your are meant to be and experience in this lifetime is a lovely bumpy one and by going within we get better at navigating the rises and falls that are part of the ride. Everything wonderful and meaningful is always a, healing, success, fulfillment, whatever you seek is one grand lovely adventure.

This month and next we are working on the powerful theme of LOVE - which magnifies everything. It was inspired by quite a few wonderful resources in the area of Personal growth that continuously inspire me but one of the main ones I am helping some wonderful humans go deeper with this year is the teachings in a lovely Self Help Novel written by my Love Gerry Visca: The Life I didn't Notice.

The book takes us on a lovely spiritual journey where the heroine, who is really all of us, in this world where we lose ourselves in the chase and the quest for more, faces 7 regrets at the end of her life. We will all face them in the end. The book has so far touched moved and inspired many lives and is continuing it's magical quest around the globe but we know there is more work to be done to help people truly shift through these 7 human regrets that make up the human condition and that none of us want still in our heart when we pass from this earth.

So LOVE is the main personal growth theme and falling in love with your LIGHT is the Meditation we are calming our brain and mind to this month.

At a quantum level you and I are pure energy...pure light. I encourage you to look into it, it's really amazing to not only know this but begin to feel this which is what meditation helps us with.

We are also at a super pivotal point in our evolution as humans where the need to magnify LOVE within has never been greater...for it all begins within. Without magnifying it within you will get sucked into the fear that is often around it serves you, supports you and strengthens you to go within.

Thank you for receiving this, if you are reading it now, it allowed me the space on this precious day to reflect on why I created this journey and why I believe in it so much and the difference it is making, calming one human mind and heart at a time.

with love


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