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"Being" is so hard for us humans...but it's vital!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Being is the highest state of existence - a state from which the grandest version and vision of you is possible but it's really hard for us human "doings" to BE.

It has never been enough for us humans to simply BE and because that is so we have gotten lost in the "doing" - the non-stop, mostly unconscious "doing" to be exact. The doing that has us be run by the external world; an exhausted way of existing. There are huge physical, mental, emotional and spiritual consequences of this way of existing but we don't seem to know how to get out of it or access a different way of being.

So because this is so vital, the next meditations I am creating on the Symphonies journey have two powerful intentions:

1) to help with the practice of accessing your highest state of existence - where all creation happens - a place where you are Being in the present moment.


2) The practice of the powerful Be-Do-Have paradigm - We have the whole process of creation reversed. So this mediation will help with the practice of how creation and manifestation actually work and have you flow with creative laws instead of working against them.

Usually a theme shows up for me as something that is showing up in my life and something that I see showing up for many other humans - it is in fact a "human condition".

It's a theme that I feel I have understood on an "intellectual" level because I've done some or quite a bit of reading around it but there is still a gap between knowing it and the value of it and actually feeling it and living it.

The Living it part is what I crave to experience and Why I created Symphonies for the Mind - to help make personal growth concepts like this REAL - it's where the power of personal growth meets the magic & effectiveness of Meditation!

Why? Because through meditation one is able to access a true and deeper part of the mind and themselves and then through the practice of this - concepts become real...

Just Being is a challenge I know well from my own life experience, having been a long time "doing-machine". Let's face it Being a human doing is built into our culture and reinforced by our success & achieve at all costs culture and the belief that we have to control, manipulate or force the outcomes we desire. Yet if you really dive into the laws of quantum creation you will quickly understanding why this modus operandi does not serve us and align with how your true and deepest greatness is created, unfolds and manifests. This was a huge debrillator for me years ago. I felt like life and what I was up to in it was a constant up hill battle, like I was always swimming against the tides and I was and this way of existing was fuelling a sense of endless overwhelm and leaving me feeling that what truly mattered in my life was not moving forward.

I'm also understanding and exploring the power and significance of the Be-Do-Have paradigm and this is inspiring this next meditation - how we have manifestation all backwards.

We have been conditioned to believe that once we Have the right stuff - more time, more money, more love, more security or whatever else then we can Do the right things - travel, buy a house etc. so that we can Be more at peace, happy, successful.

But if this works than why is it that the countless lovely people I come across in my work - even immersed as they are in self help and healing are still finding it elusive to Be peace, happiness and joyful. They might have it for a very short time and then it goes just as quickly and that, I deeply understand today, is because we continue to believe that something outside of us has to happen before we can be this...we are not going deep enough.

The essence of creation and what we'll be working on in these next meditations is that you have to Be it first - you have to Become what it is you truly seek in this lifetime...whether that is Love, Peace, Fulfilled, Abundant, Free - whatever that is that you seek. Yet that's hard because of our conditioning around Doing is so strong and our conditioning around needing to have something in the external world before is also deep within us.

Starting from a place of being allows you to become what it is you seek to experience most in this lifetime - it allows the Doing to unfold from this place of being and the Having to unfold from this place of doing...and then it all evolves much more naturally and also in a way that allows us to actually enjoy the whole ride and isn't that in itself worth it?

This is what we are working on in July with this new meditation...Becoming...and it will be wrapped around a beautiful customized piece of music created by a brilliant composer Narek Mirzaei from Music of Wisdom.

I love helping people connect to who they really are through the powerful medium of maybe we'll see you on the journey...

Angela Kontgen

Meditation Coach & Creator

Symphonies for the Mind

What Beverley Dondale from Victoria B.C. is receiving from Symphonies:

Meditation has literally changed my life!

Meditation has been an essential part of my life for months now but the latest Creation Meditations have blown me away. I love going to my workshop in mind. When I don't do it, like today, I feel depressed and overwhelmed with everything I need to accomplish.

Having those affirmations that I am a creator, calming my brain and mind down, understanding that I am limitless. I love going to my workshop and choosing who I want to be and striving for greatest, grandest version and vision of myself. I am creating a magnificent space that over COVID has actually turned to something even more special and if I don't make meditation a non-negotiable my overwhelm gets the best of me! Angela, thank you! This just touches the surface of how I feel and how your meditations have helped me as a creator! Lots of love to you!

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