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We are doing it again! - The Travelling Manuscript

Yes it's true we had so much fun releasing the Life I Didn't Notice, last year, as a Travelling Manuscript we are doing it again! This time as a digital version (click link below)

It has been a decision we made as we sat back - Gerry, the writer and me the inspired sidekick and editor - and asked ourselves what is the bigger intention behind this work? It is to reach the hearts of people and make an impact. Hence why we call these pieces of work Transformational Novels.

It was amazing to us that last year we had people reading - The Life I Didn't Notice - who never even read novels and it happened to win a Canadian Book award!

So now we are doing it again because:

1) It's way too much fun to release a manuscript into the world - like who does that right?


2) This book has a huge purpose - to help wake us up to the life they are meant to live before it's too late. The heroine in these novels is literally all of us.

In addition to the manuscript we'll be doing some Author Readings on line and on social media because well #Whyguy Gerry Visca loves to read to people and if you put on your memory caps you might even remember how lovely it was to be read to.

For the lovely humans on the list the manuscript will be ready, likely, by June 30th and we'll be uploading it in 4 sections to a special site we have created for it - again click on the picture of the manuscript above and it will take you there...

And to all that have been attracted to our vision and work around inspiring 1 Million WHYs and the #Whytime, books and events that help bring it to life - we thank you.



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