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The Practice of Who YOU Really Are...

I sit here on a lovely Thursday afternoon to reflect on what I created over three years ago, the journey of Symphonies for the Mind.

I realize, on the path of personal development, which found me around my early thirties, that what I was really seeking was a deeper understanding of Who I really am. Despite being immersed in a sea of self help, I deeply sought to understand what lights me up. I had all the books that told me how to find my purpose, in 3 easy steps, yet I still didn't know what I desired to create before I left this earth. I had no idea what my soul was here to experience. I yearned to truly feel my life, to live and love and add my verse but I was seeking the answers in the external world.

I know today that what I was seeking was to access a deeper part of myself, a part that is eternal and endless, but I had no clue how. Like most humans, in the land of "more" and "next" I was really only doing a surface job on this quest and so I continued to feel lost and lifeless.

While I describe in these words, above, some of my own journey, I believe, through all the coaching conversations I've had, that we are really all on the same journey...a soul's journey to remembering who we really are and who we choose to be. This is a human journey and we all continue to seek the answers in the external world; in the 3 easy steps.

I look back at that self with understanding and compassion for what she was seeking. I understand the human condition. Of course she was doing a surface job for she lived in the land of "More" and "Next", exhausted from the non-stop and being defined by what she did and how much of it she did. Always moving on to the next thing and the next. Losing herself, at times with the latest decor for her suburban home, a lean fit body and if her child could read by the time they were 3 because of course that would mean you were a good mom right?

This version of me was defined by this and many others things, no different than all of us more or less in the land of "more" and "next". For all of us in this land are not going within or if we are it's more to check it off as some cool new success habit we've taken on because our tribe leader says that he/she does it or the latest "Fuck Everything" self-help book says we should.

I wasn't going within so I was going without knowing who I really am but hey maybe the next "workshop" would tell me. I wasn't going within because I really didn't know how and when I was I really didn't know what to do when I went there. But I was increasingly craving it.

So that lovely sunny day walking in the wood under a cathedral of trees, over 3 years ago, I conceived Symphonies for the Mind - and almost up to now I have believed that it was a meditation program, an inspiring guided meditation program...but oh how I have been short sighted for what it is, I realize like a blast of fresh clear air in my face, is so much more...

Symphonies for the Mind is not a meditation program, if you want that there are plenty of apps that will have your head spinning with a selection of 10,000 meditations and websites with videos that will take you through the basics of this lovely practice....Symphonies is the practice of Who you really are and Who you choose to be ~ Meditation is simply the lovely and powerful medium that makes that practice come to life because meditation is the art of going within and if you do not go within you go without experiencing Who you really are - it's as simple and as eloquently complex as that!

Go within to Grow within...that's the place to do the work as I like to say on the Symphonies Coaching calls

My art is creating beautiful inspiring meditations wrapped around powerful and transformational themes and as I have used this blog to reflect on the significance of this creation here are a few of my favourites...

Mediations on the Symphonies Journey.

But after all this is said and done I realize that there are many of us that perhaps see meditation as the latest success habit to check off their list and they'll receive benefits from it even if this is their goal but they might one day, like many of us in these times, wake up wondering if this is all there is to our existence.

You see the more I witness the so called uncertainty going down "out there" in our world, the more I know that to truly navigate it and not lose yourself in it and find yourself chasing yet another delusional rabbit hole ~ the more you have to go Within, in these times. For when you do so you connect to a part of you that is truly eternal, limitless and pure possibility.

There is a place of perfect peace

A place of true strength

A place where the love and power of the universe exists...and that place is within and you are not going to get there by continuing to choose to be run by the external are going to "get there" by getting your sweet butt on seat and doing the work to access that sweet spot within you...

That's why I created Symphonies for the Mind...for those humans who see how vital this practice is in these times...and for the rest...I send you love and light...have fun with your thousands of meditations on your thousands of apps in the land of "more" and "next".

What's next on this journey? Well just when I think the ride can't get any better something else inspires me. It's usually something that I deeply wish to experience...It's called: A YEAR TO LIVE!

In 2021 that's where I'm taking this journey - a Year to Live inspired by what it takes to truly wake up to your one wild and precious life before you die. So that's where we are going next, it's not for the faint of heart but it is for those who truly wish to wake up ~ to Live Awake!

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