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The power of going Deeper!

I've become passionate about Going Deeper and Meditation is simply a powerful & effective way to do so.

It's like so many things that I have been reading about over these past 20 years of being on this path of personal growth, are now making so much more sense and in whole new ways. It's like lightbulbs are going off all around me...all the time. I feel like I'm connecting the dots and filling in the gaps for myself and now that is helping me in my work with helping others.

For years I read about the power of your thoughts and your mind as your most powerful creative element. For years I read about the power of taking inspired action and "acting as if" - meaning act as if your goals, dreams and highest intentions are already real. For years I read about the power of feeling good now so as to raise your vibrational state. For years I read about all this fabulous self help and spiritual stuff but for years it felt like "nice theory" but so hard to put in play in my busy life and busy mind...does that makes sense?

I could go on an on with all the personal growth concepts that have inspired my life and my mind over these years but that is the thing they have inspired my Conscious Mind. All of it landed, for the most part, in my conscious analytical mind which is why I felt for so long that it was all so lovely in "theory" but I felt that I it was so hard to make it all real in my life - does this make sense?

Now I'm not saying that knowing it all in theory has not helped me create and manifest certain wonderful things over the years but I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of my potential and Who I really am as a Creator - do you feel that way?

You see, it's because we understand all this stuff on an intellectual level - it's nice theory - but it is so hard to practice and live when we are choosing to exist in the limited conscious analytical mind almost all the time. Because when we are living in this part of our mind almost all the time, it is so hard to dramatically shift our thoughts, words, feelings and behaviours to align with the grandest version of who we are... It's just the way it is...

So you will move things forward but it might feel like an uphill battle all the time or it might feel like it's not quite it, you might feel a constant lack of clarity or you might feel like you'll only be fulfilled and happy when you "get there" or you might feel overwhelmed with all it and not really sure why...

So the missing piece was going deeper - not deeper with more - deeper as in deeper into the Mind - the Subconscious Mind, deeper as in Going Within...

Go Within or Go Without ~ Conversations with God

That is why I rarely reach for "more"self help stuff at this stage...I've got enough to inspire me till I leave this earthly plane. What I reach for now, more so each day, is depth...going within to access a deeper part of my mind, myself so I can bring all this to life, in my life. So I can begin not only to understand who I am, but to feel it and become it...this lights me up!

So I am not sure if this is making sense for those that read these words and perhaps feel as I have for so long - that it's time to make it real, to bring this awesome stuff to life so that we can truly be Who we really are and all that we choose to be...and that's not going to happen very well or easily when you are I choose to exist in the busy conscious mind...this part of our mind is not designed for Creation've got deep baby!

With love


The Creator of Symphonies for the Mind - where we go Deep! Go Deep or Go Home...

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