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Take a Brain Break!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

There might have been a time when we didn't see the value in pausing and taking a proactive break during our day...but this limiting belief is rapidly changing for many individuals and workplaces in this hyper connected & fast paced world. Why? Because the growing

science of the brain and mind are showing us that the brain is not in "optimal mode" when it is in non-stop stress mode.

A brain that is continuously stressed, is not set up for new levels of creativity, performance and even well-being and as you read this, maybe it just makes more and more sense to you that this is just the way it is...

So creating the discipline to slow down for a period of time during the day and give your brain a break is not just a "nice" thing to do, it's one of the greatest things one can cultivate, especially now. Yet it's not always easy, nothing truly life changing and worthwhile ever is and although many workplace cultures are encouraging work/life balance, it takes time to really practice it and also bring it into a workplace culture as something considered a very productive to do. So it's really inspiring when some workplaces see that meditation & mindfulness initiatives just make good business sense. These are the workplaces that, I believe, truly care about the mindsets of the people within.

While the benefits of meditation to the brain are vast and I could literally go on and on in this area till the cows come home (I love the science!) here are just a few to inspire you:

- neurology studies site that meditation literally strengthens neural connections in the brain and with regular practice you can cultivate a more resilient neurobiology - a very very good thing!

- meditation is like anti-aging for the brain (who doesn't want and need a great brain as we age?)

- it promotes healthy and more sustained focus and concentration (something we can all use a little help with given that studies show that with all the clicking and scrolling we have attention spans that are even worse than that of a goldfish!)

- meditation dials down brain centres responsible for emotional regulation - making it easier to self manage your emotions and over time harness the power of emotional self regulation (which is kind of a like a super power!)

- through meditation you can actually practice and develop key emotional intelligence skills like empathy & authenticity

It sounds amazing doesn't it? The best part is anyone can do it even if you are sitting there right now shaking your head thinking "everyone except me" - yes, you dear human can do it too. With intention and practice you can create an even better brain. Like anything worthwhile in life it takes practice...everyday an intention to pause...take a seat and give your gorgeous busy brain a break.

Sending you best wishes for calmer brain and mind, one that serves and supports all the greatness you are up to in 2022.


Meditation Coach & Creator

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