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My Digital Demise and why I'm thrilled about it!

As I write these words using a digital medium - my website - someone is out there in the dark digital field of 0's and 1's pretending to be me. They are out there reaching out to my friends asking if I can help them with something. Once you, as a kind hearted soul, say "yes of course" they send you a link to click and there it goes the spiral of your own digital demise begins...and there's really nothing you can do about it. You can look at Youtube videos like "What to do when your Instagram account has been hacked" till the cows come home, but at the end of the day it is virtually impossible to make this right and now there are plenty of people writing about how it's hard to get your account back and what you believe is your "life" back.

But here's the thing - SO WHAT! You can have it dear hacker and Instagram I no longer care about having an account and it felt so free today to totally delete the one I created to replace the one that was taken over by some person pretending to be me and asking my dear friends to purchase "Bitcoin" - just an FYI for what ever it's worth - I don't now or will ever give a rats ass about any digital currencies. I am actually slowly but surely giving less of a damn about more and more things in the digital realm because when I really think about it - I manifested this. Yes, it's true, I really did manifest my own digital demise and that is why I am increasingly thrilled about it.

For some time now, I have been intending more simplicity and slowness in my life.

I have been practicing, through meditation, visualizing and connecting to what's real and true within me and I'm sorry, anything digital is not part of this. Anything digital is part of the illusion; it's all manipulated friends - just watch a few good documentaries on that. I'm not going to go on and on about this because I don't wish to influence you about it, but rather maybe inspire you to gather your own intel on it and hey even that's controlled...but you can decide.

The point of this post is that I'm actually thrilled that this is happening because I've been asking to increasingly remove myself from these mediums, which sounds hypocritical as I am using this medium to write this post, but oh well - what the heck.

I've been asking to simplify and connect to what's real and true with the brief and brilliant time that I have left on this planet.

Whether that is with the people I love in my life, my kids, my life partner or anyone else - I don't wish to connect with you through text and confirm to the world that I am loved and that I love you by posting a consistent stream of filtered pictures trying to prove that it is so. It's exhausting...I also thank my wise daughter for quite long ago pointing this out when we were out together asking that I not post about it, that we just be together; what a wise soul she is. She also shared, just yesterday, the tragedy of a whole generation of children who have their whole lives now on social media forever, from almost birth and they will never even have had the opportunity to consent - I am so so incredibly grateful I did not have this digital appendage when my kids were young...but again I digress...

When it comes to my work - helping people create a greater mind with meditation - whether that is an individual or an organization, what I know for sure, after so many years as an entrepreneur, is that the very best thing that you can do to expand your inspired work in the world is to connect with a real live human being and just add real value.

Just go out there and make a difference to a few people and begin to create a real foundation for your work. No fancy website or multiple websites with fancy names or no amount of filtered stream of pics can replace feet on the street and just speaking to and connecting heart to heart to another human being.

This heart to heart connection has always been at the core of the work I do in the world with Gerry Visca - my love and partner in this life time - real books, real connection! It just makes so much sense and it also just feels better.

Regardless of how many sales funnels you create or how many posts or clicks you get, absolutely nothing will ever replace you reaching out to another human being and just asking them what they need and how you can help.

According to analytics, today, I have more "clicks" on my website than at any other time in my 15 year career as a coach and guess what 0.000001 % of these clicks translates into anything real. But hey who am I, someone out there is going to sell you some more cool aid advising you otherwise - just slow down a bit before you click okay.

Until the day we are all replaced with 0's and 1's and some devious artificial intelligence (Gerry loves the Matrix!) - nothing can beat human to human, heart to heart connection.

Here is what I always say to someone who reaches out and is beginning their life as an entrepreneur, someone who wants to just make a difference to others - before you create the fancy website/s or you continue to post and post endlessly and tirelessly - make a list, a real list, on real paper, of 5 people you need to connect to, 5 people you wish to help. There you's sounds so simple that most people reading this will think "no way, that's so old have no clue what you are talking about".

Here's what I do have and what I know for sure as I look back on my 15 plus years as a coach - I have those 5 people, which grew into a few more people and built this lovely foundation, over time - not over night folks - around my work. I look back and see that what I have built has a strong foundation that came with a lot of falls and hiccups - it's not a sand castle that crumbles so easily into the digital darkness and that is what is real and true.

So that's why I am thrilled and so thrilled actually that I am going to wish my little hacker dude out there impersonating me a good day. If you can put your head on the pillow each night peacefully doing this kind of stuff to everyday people just doing their thing and trying to make a difference - then I wish you peace...I send compassion to you that life has brought you to this place...and really without any sarcasm at all I do wish you peace or that you find it in this lifetime.

Now I am going to enjoy a day where I feel even more free to explore what's real and true...

Sending love....

Angela (the real one!)

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