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Meditation shifts you out of Fear - Here's Why!

I'm not trying to be all negative and doom & gloom here; I'm just trying to be real - we live in a world of fear. There is fear all around us. Some might say, since 2020 there's even more fear. We sense it in others around us. We witness it on the news and social media.

Our minds are also predisposed to fear as this has helped us survive since we've been living in those caves. You'll notice that perhaps this is true in your own life. Someone can tell you 9 things that are great about you and then you hear one not so great thing and that is what the busy mind will focus on and almost completely forget about those 9 wonderful things. It just will. We are wired for fear and negativity.

We are wired to fear change even though your fridge magnets read "Change is growth".

We fear the unknown and we fear uncertainty. We just do.

But here is the good news we can change this internal wiring systems - not over night, but over time and it's so worth it to do so - I believe vital to do so.

How? By integrating practices like meditation that calm the brain and mind and shift us out of fear mode. You see, when the brain is in busy mode - it's in fear mode. When the brain is in non-stop doing mode it is in survival mode and survival mode is the same as fear mode. It's so good to know this and understand this and know that there is something we can do about it.

So the first step in ending fear or shifting out of fear mode is to calm the brain and mind. The first step is to bypass our own internal fear wiring system. Makes sense right?

And that dear ones is where meditation comes in. Meditation is the end of being in fear mode.

On a brain level through meditation you:

- dial down the emotional centre which is all dialled up when you go into fear mode

- dial down the DMN (Default Mode Network) the part of our brain responsible for mind wandering and ruminating which tends to go nuts in fear mode.

These are just a few of the wonderful scientifically proven things that are happening when you meditate.

I had one of my lovely meditators on the Symphonies journey share with me today that their life was imploding and what did they do - they Meditated! They have come to know and practice that when life is imploding or exploding - so when you are in fear mode - you need to get that cute butt on the seat and shift your state.

Meditation allows you to shift your internal state from fear to ahhhh all is well, I'm okay - I'm not going to be eaten by a saber tooth tiger anytime soon. :)

Now it takes practice but through practice is works and even calming the brain and mind a little is so significant. You don't have to be all perfect at it and wear robes and light candles - just doing it all imperfectly works to shift your state out of fear...and into all is well...or it's a little better and a little better is better...

So keep going dear wonderful ones...on the journey or not on the journey...keep up the practice of ending's there, it shows will continue to do so but you can do something about it.

Sending love and light...


Your Meditation Coach

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