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It's getting even harder to connect to that Verse within you...

It seems there is so much drawing us almost constantly away from what is inside us to share, to create, to write - that one verse we are meant to create with the brief and brilliant time we've been gifted.

The world is even noisier, busier, so much coming at us on so many levels. It's too much for the human mind. Sometimes it might even feel like "What's the point" - there's already so much out there. Yes, it's true we have created a content driven world and it's overwhelming at times....

But what is not out there, yet, is your Verse, your words - what you are here to say and write and help our precious world with. Those words that long to be explored just for the sake of it. Not because it might get you more likes or make you six figures but simply because you just know there is something within you.

There is this verse and you do not wish to die with that inside you. And some of you might read this and think:

"Omg, she's mentioned death, that's so morbid" - no it's not, it's real. It's a reminder that you don't have all the time in the world.

You have now, this moment to seize the day and tap into that verse, that one special verse you were born to write and share...

And because we know it's hard to tap into it and it's so easy to disconnect to it as life continues to whirl around you, we've created something special - The Writer's Café!

An inspiring, easy way to connect to YOU and that Verse within.

The Writer's Café - it's for You...join us on Sept 4th.

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