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How will you Launch 2021?

We've all been shaken to the core this year. If one thing has united humanity it is this past year. We've all been impacted physically, mentally, emotionally and also spiritually in these times.

Yet if it is true that times of great upheaval and discomfort also bring with them the greatest opportunities and gifts, if this is not simply a nice "notion" or quote on a fridge magnet then it serves us to get intentional about doing the work to harness the energy of these times, the gifts that YES is hidden to us when we choose to stay in fearing uncertainty rather than embracing it. But that is not easy for us humans to do. We are so used to believing we can control everything and need to and we are not hard wired to embrace uncertainty ~ yet that is the times we are in?

So you can resist these times, or you can face them head on, go deeper and move forward.

These times magnify the need for us to be guided by something deep and true and everlasting within. That's not simply a fluffy concept ~ it is more real than you can imagine and likely up till now you have been doing a surface job on going deeper and igniting and living the deepest essence of your being ~ Your Deeper WHY. That's okay, cut yourself some slack, most of us have...

Your deeper WHY is not your goals or even your dreams. Those change with the tides of the times.

We are talking WHY you exist? Why you are here?

These times call on us to be guided by this kind of inner strength and knowingness. These times are creating the stirring that is required for us to wake up and no longer be run by the external world but be guided by something deep and true and lasting.

But it takes work, real on going deep work to live and breathe this Deeper WHY - not something us humans are used to doing.

We've been used to the "quick and easy" "six easy steps" "top tips" "give it to me straight" ~ Yet this will not serve us to move forward in these navigate these choppy waters you have to be guided by something bigger and deeper.

Are you willing to go there?

Are you wiling to launch 2021 with a greater intention on living this deeper WHY within you?

Are you going to launch 2021 in the same way you did 2020? And if so how will that work for you?

Are you willing to finally find out just how shiny you are, how resilient and strong you are?

Will you finally answer the call, stop doing a surface job on your one precious life ( I say this with great understanding for the human condition) and finally dive in deep with us, together at the World WHY Summit ~ an epic and intentional way to move forward in 2021!

Join us. Register at and do this together with a friend, a family member, a colleague or a team! Do this work with us and together...

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