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How the "Right" Book Helps you Build your Brand.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

In a nutshell, a brand or rather "Personal Brand" is what you stand for in this world and while that is a good thing to create clarity around- is it enough to cut though the noise of this world?

It seems everyone and their grandmother, today, has a personal brand, a social media page, a website. Everyone posts endlessly and sends out reams of e mail messages that seem to get swallowed in the noise. And while it may serve us in some ways, at the same time, nothing seems to stand out anymore and maybe one of the reasons is that when there's so much noise we tune it out. Our brains and minds actually cannot handle it all. All the content out there, even the good stuff, is all mixed up in the soup of noise and therefore no longer connects with hearts - and if you're not connecting with hearts - what's the point?

So maybe it's time to take the whole "Personal Brand" thing to a new level - we call this next level a Why Brand which comes to life through Whytime. What's Whytime? It's a one on one experience and conversation with your soul sweetie. You know that part of us that is so hard, for most of us, to access - so we need a little help. And with who do I have this one on one conversation with? Well, #Whyguy Gerry Visca of course...

Through Whytime that oh so powerful and profound statement comes to life. That "I Exist to..." declaration to the universe. Not a goal or a reason but your Deeper Why - it's the World Helped by You.

It's amazing and it's why, as Gerry's Life partner I shout it from the roof tops - I have literally witnessed the immediate transformation in someone through this and it's spectacular! It always moves me to tears when I hear Gerry utter the words - Are you ready for Why you exist?

Through Whytime - your Why Brand begins to come to life - Your Why Brand is:

"A Living Breathing Life Force that connects to Everything you are seeking to experience and create in this lifetime" ~ Gerry Visca

Once that Deeper Why is ignited, as Inspired Publishers, we have created a profound series for a Whytimer to now share that deeper Why with the world - it's like if you don't share it you don't allow the magic of it to unfold and magnify and hence help the world - which is what in the deepest depths of our being we are all here to do and imagine if more of us did just that - what the world would be...we call that a vision of 1 Million WHYs ignited and Gerry and I fuel it passionately.

The I KNOW WHY books have become this inspired series that allows one's deeper Why to shine and be shared with the world and importantly inspires others to become aware that there is a deeper WHY within. This creates a lovely ripple in our world where we are inspiring others to become aware that there is a deeper Why within all of us.

It's the right book and energy for these noisy times because:

1) It captures your Deeper WHY - not just what you stand for but how you serve - the verse you are meant to contribute to the world with the brief time you have been gifted. It goes beyond your story.

2) It's a tangible real thing that you can share with another human being and doesn't just evaporate into digital space

3) It's architected as a Life Guide that when someone receives they can live the lessons the wisdoms, the reflections

4) It's a Coaching tool that a Coach, a Healer, a leader can use to align with how they are serving - these are Books that Help You Help the World.

It's a Coachng Tool, A Healing Tool, a Leadership Tool, a Speaking Tool - so easy to integrate and align with what you are creating...

It's the Right book and the Right book worked builds your Brand - your Why Brand - The deepest essence and representation of Who you are and Why you Exist and how you Help the World!

The 5th I KNOW WHY book - the Book of Connection will be the most spiritual book in the I know Why series - not religious - but spiritual - there's a distinction - this will be a spiritual roadmap that helps us look up, see and feel the bigger picture of our existence and what we are connected to. We are all Connected - We are all One.

Coaches and Healers attracted to this will be inspired to help the world understand more deeply:

  • the impact of Disconnection on ourselves and the world

  • the possibilities that exist for ourselves and the world through the energy and intention of Connection

And you might think that these times of uncertainty are not the "right" time to be stepping into something new and exiting but we believe different - times of uncertainty highlight how life can change in the blink of an eye and hence present the very best time to step through the discomfort and shine your light...the right time is now.

With great love and belief in a vision and world of 1 Million Whys


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