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How Meditation builds Super Powers!

Meditation and Mindfulness might just be the next biggest Health Revolutions, so if you are at this point dabbling in it, intrigued by it, find yourself being pulled towards it then this might be the very best time, ever, to sit your sweet butt down and get serious about it...

Here are just a few reasons why:

1) Meditation builds Mindfulness and Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening in your head at any given moment, without getting consumed or carried away by it. This allows us to respond wisely and in a way that serves our highest good instead of reacting blindly which has us ultimately giving away our power and energy. How's that working so far?

2) Meditation helps us optimize the power of our mind to create our reality instead of falling victim to our stories and the non stop whims and waves of the outer world, which isnt' working either...

Through this daily habit, we begin to learn to use our mind for what it was ultimately designed for - to create our reality and be guided by a higher vision and version of ourselves. You might remember the quote by Napoleon Hill: Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve - Well, it's absolutely true but also very difficult to do when we choose to exist in the busy, non-stop, analytical conscious mind - you've got to go deeper baby!

3) Meditation engages our immune system! When the brain calms - which is the first by-product of meditation, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in - this allows our internal life systems to function at a more optimal state. In stress and survival mode which most of us choose to be in, unconsciously, almost all the time, our health systems do not need to engage optimally, they actually cannot and this is okay in the short term but over time this leads to serious health issues.

4) Meditation gives you access to elevated emotions which serve and support you. When the brain calms it begins opening up a communication pathway to the heart - this is super powerful because your heart is super powerful. Through meditation you can practice accessing elevated emotions like Joy, Bliss, Deep Gratitude & Awe; emotions that bring your intention and desires to life because it is these elevated emotions that make You magnetic and draw your vision toward you...super super powerful sweetie!

The list of Super Powers goes on...I could be here inspiring you forever which is why I'm so inspired to help people with meditation - make it easy and accessible but also super inspiring!

But now you have a choice - you can sit there by yourself and that works if you stick to it but in the beginning sitting there by yourself without any support or guidance is super hard. I know because I tried it.

You can go to one of the countless apps or youtube for Meditation and Mindfulness and while that is great, what I have found is that the overwhelming content out there - overwhelms me and just fuels my anxiety, maybe that's just me but I don't think so. This is natural when the human mind is presented with too many options. I don't know about you but too much content and topics also makes me feel like I'm doing a surface "half assed" job, and I'm tired of that - exhausted actually. So I was inspired to create a very special journey for a few humans to simplify meditation but also optimize it as an incredible way to maximize personal growth and hence truly bring your super powers to life...

Symphonies for the Mind is a guided monthly Meditation journey where:

- I create inspiring beautiful meditations around powerful themes to help you go deep, deeper into the mind and deeper with these personal growth themes.

- You receive support and inspiration so you stay the course and also do not feel so alone...something an app cannot do very well...

Symphonies is where the Power of Personal Growth meets the Magic of Meditation! I call it the path to Infinite possibilities...because when you go within that is what you ultimately access...hence why you build Super Powers!

So if you have a desire to build your super powers, if you understand the importance of going deeper and that speaks to you, if you wish to not feel so alone on this lovely revolutionary ride...check out Symphonies for the Mind...and please don't just sign into the Member site first - you have to subscribe first. For Dear Human, I pour my heart and soul into this journey, into each meditation I create, into each live coaching call and into reaching out to you...

Whatever you's to your Super Powers!

With love...

Meditation Coach & Creator

Angela Kontgen

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