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Although I feel that I have been on a deeper quest to awaken to what truly matters over these past 10 years or so, in 2020

I have a desire to take this to new levels.

And what I know for sure is that a part of the way we wake up is getting Real, even getting real with Death, our mortality.

This is what literally began to defibrillate me years ago in a small obscure buddhist temple somewhere in Hamilton, Ontario. The contemplation of my impermanence...of the impermanence of everything.

It's part of Life...

All things are impermanent...all of life rises and then falls and to live in harmony and a deep accepting of this brings about the highest happiness and truest peace...this is what I long for...

This is what I seek at whole new levels in 2020 and so I am going on a quest to deeply contemplate and practice the living of my live this next year as if this is all there is...

What I know for sure about this journey is that I will be diving into the "practice" of not wasting energy on what does not matter, I'll get better at looking up and connecting to what is meaningful and deeply true...and it's not that I am not doing this now...but I'm human, I still get caught up in the ego's grip of fear and the one and only thing that will help me truly shift beyond this is the reality that Life passes swiftly and is quickly lost.

I'm so excited and as I go through this year...I'll likely share a long the way and then maybe soon I'll take a few people on the quest with me...stay tuned dearest.


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