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All is Well ~ Engaging Parasympathetic Power!

As I walk through this life and these times, observing what is happening within me, within all of us; as I get on calls with human beings trying to navigate these times, I truly believe that we are being called, now more than ever, to go deeper and actively tap into the power of the parasympathetic system within us.

You've likely read about it somewhere - the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system. We are becoming aware, through accessible information and research about the impact of stress (on going sympathetic activation) on our lives, our bodies and our minds.

Most of us know that when we are in sympathetic mode/fight or flight mode - we are more anxious & overwhelmed. The chasing, racing and in non-stop doing puts us in fight or flight mode. Now this is an awesome part of us designed to serve and support us when we really do need to be chasing or running away, but most of us choose to exist in this state almost all the time, 24/7. Our lives feel like a non stop roller coaster ride and these times simply magnify it.

How does this impact us? Burnout. Exhaustion. A sense that we just can't keep it together but hey keep up those "I'm rocking my life" images on Instagram, they are lovely.

The biggest growth and spiritual impact, of existing in sympathetic mode is that it is so hard for us to see possibilities and opportunities before us ~ of course not ~ we're too busy just surviving the day.

Living in this state of stress and survival impacts every part of our physical being as well. Studies today are showing an interesting link between this perpetual state of stress and disease. So many auto immune disorders have links to stress, heart conditions and yes even cancer. For when the body exists in this state you can choke down all the wheat grass you want but a survival state is not in alignment with a healthy vibrant state ~ long term. Vibrationally survival does not create health and vitality within us. Health is first an inner creation.

I write these words and create this meditation for when the world is rocking us around like it has been since the early part of this year, we have to get even more intentional about our state of being. So in October that's just what we are going to be doing, we are going to be actively creating an All is well state of being.

For creating an All is Well state is an inside job and it is even more vital now than it ever was before to get intentional about this inner creation. Our lives and well-being depend on it. Our ability to make choices, despite the challenges, that will serve and support our highest good and greatest version of who we are, depend on it. An All is Well state is created within you, when you engage your parasympathetic system - in rest and recovery mode you can think and see clearly. In parasympathetic mode your body's health and healing systems engage. Calming the brain and mind automatically engages the parasympathetic system and hence actively creates this All is well state within you helping you feel less caught up in the crazy non stop fear based world and times we live in. A very good thing...

In an All is Well state you can practice the power of Acceptance - a force that allows you to move your life forward from a place of deep understanding. Acceptance is a very proactive energy.

In an All is Well state you can practice being and feeling Abundance - for this is first an inner creation before it can truly manifest in our outer world - not easy in these times I know, which is why this is so vital.

In an All is Well state you can once again Align with who you really are and all you choose to be.

That is what I mean by parasympathetic power! That is what we will be working on and practicing through the medium of mediation on the symphonies journey in October 2020 - setting you up so nicely for the coming year...

If we are to see the gift in these times, the opportunities and possibilities you will see it in an All is Well let's get ready to create it...together.

With love


Meditation Coach & Creator

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