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8 Ways Meditation will help you Adapt to this New World

Hello to all my work from home mates...those of us that have always worked from home because we are entrepreneurs and have always created from wherever we happen to be and those of us, that find ourselves in the new working from home culture because of these kind of crazy times.

Some of you are loving it, some of you kind of miss the structure of going to a certain place every day and connecting with real life humans and maybe you worked in a pretty cool place (I hope). Wherever this message finds you, because of the times we are in, we are all faced with adapting to change in very uncertain times and this is not easy. It's not something you can just read a book about and there you go snap you've adjusted to change. It's doesn't work that way, which is why I love helping people with meditation. Meditation is a very tangible proven way to help people with change.

So let's talk about 8 ways that the cool practice of meditation will serve you in these times and adapting to change, the pace of change and the whole new work from home culture that's going down...

1: Meditation helps you begin your day with structure

When the world is rocking and rolling out there, it can really help to create some sort of structure in your daily life around a routine that helps you get your head in a better state. Meditation does that and I can go into countless reasons why - because it trains the brain and mind but that's for another blog.

For those working from home for the first time and used to the structure of going into the office, this can throw you off a bit and leave you without that old familiar structure. Meditation helps you create a very positive and proactive structure to your day.

2: Meditation shifts your brain and mind from fear mode to faith mode.

When we find ourselves in times of heightened uncertainty, even if we are working for the best company on the planet, our mind can become easily caught up in thoughts of doom and gloom. What if this happens or that doesn't happen? We have no control over external events and being consumed by them can keep us from being productive in our new cool home office. Meditation is a great practice that actively shifts your brain waves, calms them down and shifts you into an All is Well state where you begin to cultivate an inward faith that things will get now I can get back to the task at hand.

3: Meditation helps you find Peace in the storm

You can either get all caught up in the storm around you, literally become one of the flying bits of debris or you can learn to calm your brain and mind and practice finding that calm centre within so you can focus on what matters - your choice, meditation will help you do this.

4: Meditation helps you change perspective

Sometimes all that is needed to embrace change or navigate it is to actively seek a different perspective. Yet this is hard to do in these crazy times and it is hard to do if we choose to exist in the busy, stress filled mind. It is possible to change your perspective on these times, the opportunities they present to us if we learn to calm our brain and mind and access deeper levels of mind and there's a whole lot of cool science on this as well. Meditation helps you access deeper levels of mind and that is where a true perspective shift is possible.

5: Meditation helps you be guided by a Vision and Values

You can be run by the external world and what's going on which we have almost no control over or you can be guided by a vision of you and who you choose to be in all of this and what you value most in life. Meditation helps you do this internal work because as the brain and mind become calmer you gain access to deeper levels of mind, the subconscious mind and therefore deeper 'insight'.

6: Meditation builds emotional intelligence

In these times you can either be 'run' by your emotions and it's so easy for those to spiral out of control in times of change or you can learn to harness the power of your emotions. Emotions are there for a reason, to guide you, but most of us have never been shown how to effectively do so. Meditation can help get you in touch with your emotions without judging them and being consumed by them and this begins to build emotional intelligence.

7: Meditation helps us be okay with things not being okay

We believe that we will be okay when things get back to 'normal' but what if they don't for quite some time? What if the world is headed towards a new normal we don't even know about yet? That can cause most of us to totally unravel and freak out instead of truly embracing the gift that changing times can bring to us. A meditation practice can help you begin to feel that even if everything is not okay, I will be okay and that is everything.

8: Meditation helps you get in touch with you!

Self awareness is the new personal edge and that is super hard to build when we find ourselves caught up in massive change. These times, however, provide a massive opportunity to build the discipline of self awareness through meditation and this just helps build that personal edge that these times are requiring of us.

So these are 8 reasons...I think I could come up with about 27 reasons, maybe more, but I thought this would inspire you as you sit in that swanky little home office.

If you find yourself navigating these changing times working from home, this is a great time to cultivate the awesome discipline of meditation and if you need help...well that's just what I love to do.

See you on the seat...

Angela Kontgen

Meditation Coach and Creator

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