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3 Ways that MEDITATION trains your Brain & Mindset.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I'm thinking about you on this day...I'm thinking about what everyone is going through in these uncertain times and how that can wreak havoc on our mind and mindset.

However perhaps this presents an ideal time to learn this new and useful habit that will train and condition the brain and mind and serve you in this time and when things, hopefully, return to normal, even if that is a new normal.

So here, to inspire you, are 3 incredibly cool and scientifically proven ways that this daily habit - Meditation - strengthens and supports your brain, mind and mindset - and I've chosen three to share today but there are so many more.

So if you'd like to get your butt on a seat, after reading this, and learn how to build the habit, I'm here to help.

I've chosen to frame each with a simple everyday scenario you can relate to.

1: Scenario: Despite these times, you have created certain goals and intentions for this year and yet all around you is noise and non-stop distraction so you are finding it so hard to Focus. How human!

Meditation Studies show that Meditation improves focus by causing an improvement in Cortical thickness in regions of the Brain responsible for Focus. Studies show that those who meditate are also less startled by sudden distractions and can focus more easily even in an environment full of distractions. Fascinating isn't it?

Focused attention is very much like a muscle, one that needs to be strengthened through Exercise.

Meditation builds your focus muscles.

See the picture below on the left is the lit up image of the brain on overload - too much going down and hard to focus. The darker image (after meditation) is the brain after Meditation, it's dialled down with a greater and growing ability to Focus better.

2: Scenario: You get up in the morning with great intentions for the day ahead and then BAM life hits you with something - an unexpected something - fill in the blanks here because anything unexpected is a recipe for stress and anxiety to dial up in our life and in these times "unexpected" could be just about anything. When that "something" happens the brain engages the stress response through the body and when the stress response is engaged this impairs your mindset. It becomes difficult to see clearly, to create, to see a different perspective or solution and make decisions that are in alignment with your greatest intentions. Makes sense right?

Through the practice of meditation you are actively and intentionally decreasing the stress and anxiety response by down regulating cortisol and adrenaline (your internal stress/fight or flight hormones).

So you are actively creating a state of peace which also positively affects heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, metabolism - you name it, everything is positively impacted when the brain is actively calmed through Meditation.

Meditation also dials down the "Me Centre" of the brain - the Medial prefrontal cortex - (don't you feel like a geeky science person right now - I do!) This Me Centre is the part of the brain that processes information related to you. So what this means in real life is that when something scary happens - a rejection by someone, a client or someone looks at you the wrong way and you get all triggered and out of sorts (totally human of you by the way...) recent studies done out of Yale University show that over time this area of our brain calms down, through meditation, hence helping us with that "triggering" response which is so deeply ingrained in us. And if we not as easily triggered our mind doesn't spiral out of control and if it does we get better and better at bouncing back - this influences Mindset - you keep and get your Mindset on track which serves and supports you!

So are you massively INSPIRED? Here's one more reason...

3. Scenario: So you have these great goals and intentions for this year and maybe right now you are complimenting that with lots of personal & professional growth - perhaps a bucket list of books that you can't wait to dive into

Reality check - while reading personal growth material is awesome it does not necessarily translate into tangible results, or just reading about a personal growth, leadership or entrepreneurial concepts etc. does not translate into making it real in your life.

Why? Because you are absorbing this material within the busy, analytical mind. The place you need to do the work is the Subconscious Mind - 90% of your Mind. A calmer brain, which is created through Meditation, opens up the Subconscious Mind. Cool right?

So if you compliment reading personal growth books with the practice of Meditation you are actually more able to bring these personal growth concepts to life.

My hope, as a Meditation Coach, is that this has inspired and encourage you that despite these stressful times there is something we can actively do to calm, train and condition our Brain and Mind because a strong Mindset begins there.

Kindest regards...


Your Personal Meditation Coach

"Angela's work and meditations have changed my Life, my daily practice and my Leadership on such a deep level. Joining Symphonies for the Mind was one of the best decisions I have ever made from a holistic perspective, personally and professionally." Kim Fitzpatrick, Global Entrepreneur, Beach Body Leader.

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