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How to Prep your Awesome Self for Meditation?

Kim Fitzpatrick

I love that these amazing people are so aware that changing anything in your life begins with Mindset and that if you are ready to get serious about changing your Mindset - you have to go Deeper; you have to access the Subconscious Mind and the only way to really do that is to Calm your Brain & Mind which is where Meditation comes in - hence why I call it "Vital".

So as the Slay group gets ready to launch on Monday September 16th - I'm here to help you "Set up" for this powerful and effective daily habit, that YES anyone can do...even if you have the busiest mind on the planet - and these days, who doesn't?

So here we go...

Step 1: Decide Sweetie! Nothing happens until you do. Kim and I can get on Lives and talk about this until the cows come home and we can share how it's impacted our life and our leadership, but ultimately YOU have to decide cause it's your sweet butt that's getting on the seat each day.

"I'm doing this! I know I've been doing a surface job but today I'm ready to learn how to go deeper" I'm ready to access my Subconscious Mind -and I'm so excited!"

I know this might sound so simple and almost elementary, at this point, but it's necessary. Decide. We wish this for you - but you my dearest have to desire it for yourself....

Step 2: Keep it simple!

No need for a fancy place, Buddha statues and candles everywhere. If you have that and desire that for yourself then go to town, but in the beginning, as you are building the habit, I highly suggest keeping it simple. Keeping it simple also helps when you are travelling or somewhere other than home, to keep this powerful habit alive in your life.

Tips for Keeping it Simple:

- We're going to begin with a Morning Mindset, Level 1, practice - so find a place close to where you wake each morning, perhaps a comfy chair in your bedroom, put away the clothes that might be thrown onto it right now, maybe place a comfy pillow on it to support your lower back and there you go you've got your spot. You can also sit on the floor, a few cushions under your butt to support you, knees slightly lower than your hips. You can also wake and do this sitting up in your bed as soon as you wake, if that is comfy for you. If your room doesn't work, find a clear space/seat close by that works and that you do not have to "set up" each morning. This makes the habit more simple, if it's all set and ready to go each morning.

- Have your smart phone or device all set up with your guided meditation loaded on it (in this case the Morning Mindset, Level 1 Meditation). Place your ear phones right beside it because if you're looking for these each morning, once again, you can complicate the habit and also just looking for them gets your mind all busy again...

- Sit and listen to the guided Meditation - press play and listen and keep repeating for 30 days. Yes your mind will be busy until it's less busy, it's just the way it is. Trust and just Do it!

Step 3: Seek Guidance and Support

Well for those of you in the Slay group you will be receiving loads of guidance and inspiration on your journey to a calmer mind, but this is key and something an App cannot give you. I highly recommend Guided Meditations for both the beginner and seasoned Meditator. They really help to train the mind to focus and get back on track when it's wandered into La La land - which it will. For those in the Slay group I have created an amazing& customized Morning Mindset, Level 1 Meditation!

A few other helpful tips:

- Optimal time to Meditate each morning - As soon as you are able to upon waking. So quite literally, wake up, go pee first (because most of us usually have to first thing) and then get onto your comfy seat and press play.

- You want to keep yourself in that "dozy just woke up state" - that way your brain has to work less hard to calm itself.

- Let others around you know that you are taking on this incredible daily habit, your kids, your spouse...hey even have a few words with your dog :)

- Your attitude is huge here...kindness and patience with yourself is important and in the beginning that might be hard, I get it, but meditation in itself helps build those muscles of Kindness and Patience. Trust me on this one...

- If you get off track or miss a day - no worries just get back on track the next day

Lastly... Have Fun and get excited for what you are creating in your Life through your Mind...I find it so fascinating when people get all serious about Meditation - telling you this is the "right' way to do it and this isn't...I come across a lot of teachers with lots of ego (just being real here...) - The most important thing is to Set the Intention and Be kind to your gorgeous awesome self on this journey...and oh not feel alone with it which is why Kim and I are here to support you...

Love you...


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