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Go Within...or Go Without...True Health

What would happen if we really began to explore this concept seriously out there in our world? I know many are.

Like not as some "well that would be a nice notion" but as a real solution to today's growing health and healing issues.

We keep adding things from our "outside" world - in the form of medicines, supplements and other things hoping to "fix" what's going on inside us. While some of these things are great, it's still simply scratching the surface.

We keep focusing on everything and everyone in our outer world at the expense of our inner world. How's that working?

If you keep putting the bulk of your attention to your external world there is little left for your body's internal environment - Breaking the Habit of being yourself, Dr Joe Dispenza

What's going on outside of us and inside of us is Fear...lots and lots of fear. Fear is not the state from which to create health and from which to heal. This is now becoming or is scientific fact in many circles. The first step towards true healing is love, is forgiveness, is kindness towards yourself, is gratitude...this is not "whooo whooo" stuff anymore.

We heal the body by remembering that it is not Who we really are...A Course in Miracles

We are spirits and not merely bodies - we are Eternally healthy...A Course in Miracles

Forgiveness is the ultimate preventative medicine as well as the Greatest Healer - A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson

There is in each of us a healing force, a kind of Devine Physician seated within our minds and in communication with every cell of our being...Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra

Training our minds to think from a loving, faithful perspective is the greatest boost we can give to our Immune System - A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson

These words inspire my work and the next series of meditations I am creating on the Symphonies Journey. True Health ~ True Healing. We are going deep with this in the next few months and doing the work to heal ourselves from within to begin experiencing & creating true health.

What also inspires my passion and these meditations is what I had witnessed for years when I was in the world of pharmaceuticals - seems like ages ago. How we keep piling on medications instead of really looking "within" to see what's going on.

I'm not knocking medications - they have their place - especially for acute situations - but really don't you think we have gone too far. We have become, in many cases, the "diagnosis" and seek solutions in quick easy fixes from pills instead of doing the work to heal and create true health from within...If drugs were the true solution then maybe the rates of Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes (the Big 3) would actually be declining and they are not. So somethings gotta give don't you think?

There are so many stories today of people who have healed when they truly shifted from Fear to Love. Stories like Anita Morjani's in her book "Dying to be Me" (you have to check this out) and countless others.

The power of the mind to heal, the power of the heart to heal through love and forgiveness is now becoming evidence based stuff, maybe it's time to take this even more seriously...

I remember doing some Health Coaching years ago from a Doctors office - she believed in the power of helping people look at their life and the kind of daily health habits they had going on. I saw far too many people coming in, feeling incredibly awful almost all the time, and on 3, 4 and up to 8 medications. WTF!

If I could have waved a magic wand I would have loved to start a blank slate for these lovely beings - but I couldn't I just had to do my best and not add anything more "externally" and help them more with internal things - their Mindset & Meditation. Almost no one was meditating - even though the studies are now coming out loud and clear that there are so many health & healing benefits from this simple daily habit - maybe because when you actively calm the brain - the brain shifts from overdrive, from Survival mode into "All is well" mode and when the brain is in "All is well" mode, it is in the perfect state to begin healing or to create healing throughout the body.

In survival mode the Brain does not need the rest of bodies Life Systems - from the Heart, the Digestive System to the Immune System - to function "optimally". The brain is just trying to survive and when it's trying to survive it does not need to optimize the bodies healing systems - they just need to function at whatever level they are able to just to stay alive. Do you see how this state of survival, that most of us are in almost all the time, is not setting us up for true healing to even begin?

No organism was designed with a mechanism to deal with the negative effects on the body when the stress response is turned on with great frequency and for long duration - Breaking the Habit

When it comes to health and healing we also have to do what is right for us - individually. Going within serves our journey in becoming more mindful of what feels right for us and that whatever we are doing does not come from a place of fear (this was a big theme in Anita Morjani's story). If taking a medication feels right for you and you are doing so from a place of love for yourself than that is the thing to do for you and that will honour your healing path.

Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly - A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson

So after being in the Health & Healing field for over 25 years now and in various shapes and forms, I believe with my whole heart that the first step to new levels of Health & Healing - before we even begin to add something form the outside - even if that is the best supplement taken from a rare plant in the jungles of the Amazon - is to calm the Brain and Mind and to shift out of survival mode - fear mode.

I see a day where traditionally trained physicians and alternative physicians & practitioners, as well - give a Rx for 30 days of Calming the Brain & Mind - to shift one into healing mode - to begin the shift from Fear to Love before anything external is added. Love really does heal but you have to access that Love by shifting your state and going within.

Go Within or Go Without...True Health ~ True Healing

Is it only me or does this just make total sense? Maybe before piling on Medications & Supplements we need to be piling on the Meditation....

Inspired References:

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