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How do I know this "Meditation thing" is Working?

I thought I'd allow a set of recent questions about Meditation to inspire these next blog posts because they're great questions and I think we all ask them.

I am currently doing some work with some incredible organizations, helping individuals in these settings with the practice of meditation and experiencing the outcome of a calmer brain and mind.

I feel that as our times become more and more turbulent and uncertain in the age of Biotech, Infotech & A.I. that what will truly serve us most is to strengthen ourselves from within, "to prevent the human mind from snapping" as Yuval Noah Harari puts it brilliantly in his latest book; 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

Okay but now I'm going down the path of the many reasons one needs to Meditate rather than How one will know it's working, if and when one starts. So I'll try to stop digressing...I just get so excited about this topic!

When one first begins to explore meditation as a habit in their lives or once they've gotten their feet wet, having done it a few times, it's natural that the analytical mind will begin to ponder whether "this thing is working and if so how will I know?"

This question of "how will I know it's working?" reflects first of all that oh so human part of us that is goal oriented or that perfectionist in us. The part that wants to check this one off the list and monitors activities to see if we are doing it right or that compares our experience to what others are experiencing.

Here's the great part and at the same time fascinating predicament about Meditation - there is no right and wrong. Of course I can coach you about different and more efficient ways to breath and better ways to sit and take you through some amazing guided meditations but at the end of the day there really is no right or wrong.

Oh my goodness that is even more confusing, you might say. Yes, I know it might initially feel like that but you will see what I mean as you simply allow yourself to step into the journey of meditation without expectation and of course a great attitude.

You are not likely to notice any flashing lights or jolts of energy coursing through you - you might but you might not. The way you are likely to know it's working is in the subtle but significant shifts that you will begin experiencing in your daily life.

Here's a few things you might notice:

- You might find yourself reacting less to events and people around you and that's a very good thing for we give away our power and freedom every time we react

- You might find yourself not completely unravelling when the next e mail announcing something new and unexpected comes through, adding something else to your "to-do" list

- You might find yourself simply feeling better in daily life, even when it seems to all be falling apart. Feeling better is a vital part of living a whole, happier, healthier and more creative Life.

- You might find yourself not "arguing with reality" and that is also very good thing and helps us navigate this thing called life. For how is it working for us so far to argue with reality - to resist it? What you resist persists...

- You might find yourself feeling less numbed out and actually feeling more alive...noticing and appreciating the lovely little things that make up your brilliant life...also a very very good thing.

- You might find yourself actually having an answer to something significant and important to you and that answer seems to come from a place within you rather than a book or the next social media post and this also is a very good thing for you know it's your truth not someone else's. The answers you seek sweetie lie within - you are now getting IN there!

I could go on an on about the subtle yet significant shifts that you will begin to notice, that will tell you that this little thing called Meditation is working. You will also start to notice how the day unfolds differently on the days you meditate and on the days you don't.

That's how you will know dear one, it's likely going to be subtle but the long lasting and magnificent stuff usually is...

So keep going...and enjoy the ride to a calmer brain and mind.

With Love...


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