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It's Mid-Year! Are you ready to Harness the Power of Reflection?

Wow it's already the middle of the year and before you open the floodgates of thoughts like "Omg, I haven't moved enough forward!" or "I am not where I want to be yet"; I've got something for you to consider.

This is a super awesome time to reflect on your one precious life from an energy of acknowledgement.

When you reflect from an energy of acknowledgement - What's amazing about you and your life? What you have and are rocking out and moving forward? What you've learned so far? - this empowers you to keep the vibes high and your energy focused and moving forward.

This kind of reflection serves your growth and greatness and this is what I wish for you...

But hold on a minute - this is not easy to do and let's be real, acknowledgement is not something that comes naturally to us. It's hard to do when our brain and mind are busy and in "doing" mode which is the same as survival mode and for most of us this is our brain and mind most of the time...I get it.

In survival mode it's hard to reflect from an authentic energy of acknowledgment. Sure you can fake it but you won't feel it - and trust me you want to feel it.

You want to authentically feel good as you reflect on the year so far because that keeps you moving forward.

You want to authentically feel awesome about every small and significant step you have taken because that helps you keep focusing on what matters.

You want to feel good about what you have learned so far because that empowers you to course correct, make small adjustments or know where your passion and strengths truly are.

And this is hard to feel when the brain is busy.

So let's calm it...

The first function of meditation is to calm the brain and mind and when that happens you have access to deeper levels of mind. The is super exciting and a great place to Reflect. Meditation also allows you to practice authentically accessing and feeling the energy of acknowledgement. Very powerful.

So in June hold onto your seats because on the Symphonies journey we are going to have fun and go deep with the power of Reflection. Instead of doing a surface job on it - which does nothing, we are going to intentionally create and stay in the state of creation, growth and greatness with an inspiring meditation on Reflection for 30 life changing days...and I'm here to help every step of the way...

This meditation will:

Honour what is

Honour what has moved forward

Honour the growth you have gone through

Honour you

Honour life...

Excited? I am and I'm super honoured to create this for you...

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