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Simplifying Personal Growth...

Is it just me or has personal growth become complicated? Actually I know it's not just me feeling this way because I am having brilliant conversations with some awesome humans about this very thing and it's very exciting!

So as always I offer a disclaimer just in case anyone out there thinks this is about bashing personal growth, it's not. I love and value personal growth and have been personally and professional immersed in it for over 15 years. Feverishly, writing down the next book that's mentioned, signing up for workshops and lectures...have loved the whole ride, for the most part.

But throughout this journey something has been percolating in me and now I'm having the most brilliant conversations around it with others who feel the same way!

For awhile I have felt overwhelmed with it, at times spinning my wheels with it and mostly a feeling like I'm not living these concepts and having a hard time, often, applying them in daily "busy" life.

I've also felt for a long time that I've been reaching for the next book or the next course from that oh so familiar place of "I'm not enough yet". Maybe the next book will do it or maybe the next course will provide the answers and fill me up.

Actually I to give a lot of credit to my awesome #Whyguy and Life Partner extraordinaire, Gerry Visca, for starting to bring this to my awareness years ago. He used to say: Ange, what if you don't need another book or course, what if you are ready now to step in? I used to look at him like he had 3 heads and think - oh he doesn't really get me. But he really did and it is only now that I am really starting to live and breath simplifying personal growth in my own life and now brilliantly talking to others, especially as part of Symphonies for the Mind, about how the mountains of it might actually be holding us back.

Now if we've complicated this area of our existence how can we simplify it?

What if we went deep with less. They say it takes 21 to 30 days to create a new habit and new levels of thinking and being. So what if we focused only on one awesome area of personal growth for 30 days - we meditated on it, we reflected on it, we journaled about it, we read only about this one incredible thing until it sunk more deeply into our bones...until it slowly but surely really started to influence our thoughts, behaviours and choices. What if used the power of meditation to do the work around this area of growth, Why? Well meditation gives you access to the subconscious mind - the best place to do the work!

That's what I am suggesting to the lovely beings on the Symphonies journey and actually that's always been my greatest intention with Symphonies for the Mind - One inspiring meditation each month around a theme of personal transformation that we meditate and reflect on for 30 days until our minds, our hearts and every cell starts to fill up with it!

So keep growing, because if you are growing you are really living but if you are feeling overwhelmed with it all, like so many of us, welcome to the club and now simplify it!

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