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What's Simmering in your Life?

I've been reflecting a lot on patience and what a powerful ingredient to success and fulfillment it is. Patience is the element that allows our intentions and desires to simmer nicely, over time, till one day we are living and breathing them from a place of strength and deserving...I love this!

One of my favourite indulgences is to watch biographies, in particular biographies of great chefs. I watched back to back episodes, one night, while waiting for my daughter, of Chef's Table and I was so incredibly inspired by the passion and perseverance that came through in their story.

What was also truly inspiring was the patience they had to cultivate their craft. All of them today are sought after and huge successes but not one of them expected that to just happen overnight. All their successes were simmering slowly but surely with the right amount of heat and sweat.

Unlike the instant gratification culture that we are wrapped up in - all of these uber successful and might I add incredibly fulfilled Chefs knew that they had to put in the time and importantly wanted to do so.

But we seem to have lost the focus on Patience, I think. We emphasize passion and perseverance of course but patience allows our intentions to simmer nicely so that when it all comes together, we feel more deserving, grounded and stronger for the journey we've been on, what we've learned along the way and the time and effort and tears that were part of the ride...

I meet many wonderful humans who have reached levels of success, usually and interestingly defined by a amount and they've reached this success quickly and and with impatience. What's incredibly fascinating is that almost all of them live in fear of losing this success. Could it be that part of this fear is based on the missing ingredient of patience?

But here's the thing patience is a lovely concept and maybe you are sitting there reading this thinking "yep I need me some patience" - but how do you actually create it or practice it?

That's where meditation comes in baby! Patience is a practice and meditation allows us to practice patience.

Meditation is a super incredible way to build the skill of patience in your life, to practice patience and to actually become more patient which will serve every aspect of your awesomeness...

So what's simmering in your life and are you getting your butt on the seat each day to practice patience?

Love you!

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