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Accessing YOUR Awesomeness!

"All the answers lie within..."

"You've got everything it takes inside of you"

"You were born great, whole and complete!"

Let's face it this shiny creature in the picture, knew how awesome she was - she was born knowing. Look at her face and how confidently she holds that doll. She knew she had it all going on with her superwoman cape tucked neatly underneath that cute blue fuzzy coat of hers...

But then the world came along and sucked that knowingness right out of her. She became assimilated, all of us did to some degree. Taught to fall in line. Conditioned around the life sucking "shoulds"

So for a long time she lost this connection to her awesomeness, this knowingness we were born with. She put her super cape away.

Then, after too many long years of numbness and finally waking up to how brief and brilliant life was, knowing that one day she too would die, she decided to wake up and go searching for it again, in the outer world around us.

While that helped a little - it still left her in this state of "always searching". Maybe the answer would be in the next thing and besides she was too busy being defined by her "doing" and how much she was "doing".

And so she came to a place in her life, where all of a sudden it felt like a huge meteor had struck her upside the head and she just knew that she had to change direction. She had been going in the wrong direction all along. Good to know...she thought.

The path back to her awesomeness was not outward in the next shiny object. It was INWARD. After years of not knowing how to access her shiny self, she now knew how to get there. She knew she had to create and strengthen a path inward and the more she did this, the more connected she would once again feel to her awesome self. "Wow" she kept saying...

So with this new knowingness she made a decision to unfold the super cape, sit her sweet butt down each morning, put her ear buds on, closed her eyes, practiced focusing on her breath, calmed her brain, calmed her mind...and she went inward...she once again had access to her inner awesome self.

And every single day she lived in 'awe' of this awesomeness that she once more had access to...

With love for my light and yours...


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