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Nothing happens until you Decide...

This isn't new information - as you read these words perhaps you are nodding your gorgeous head and thinking or saying "well I knew that - nothing new about that, I read it somewhere once - didn't Anthony Robbins say that?"

But here's the thing - it's more than just a nice little intellectual concept and words on a page - it's truth, don't you think? Nothing happens until you decide. You can read all the great books, attend the best seminars and work with the world's greatest coaches - but it all begins to really happen, for you, once you decide.

Pause for a moment and think about any great thing in your life and how it came to be - wasn't it a decision that began stirring it all into motion - a decision that you wanted to experience more out of life, a decision that you were here to make a difference, a decision that you deserved love or healing...a decision that you wanted to feel more alive with the brief time that you had. You decided.

I've seen plenty of evidence both in my own life and in those around me of what happens when you don't decide - numbness, lack of fulfillment and love, even illness or injury...and emptiness. I met a dear person, the other day, who had become a shell of their former self - it filled me with so much sadness and deep compassion...I understand what that's like...

I often share with the incredible individuals I have the honour to work with and support, through meditation - that the very first step is to decide. Decide that this will serve your life, your greatness, your relationships, you name it just decide that this one awesome thing will elevate everything. Before you buy the buddha statue or cozy pillows...decide.

Once you make a decision for your gorgeous life, all the universe conspires to make it happen (The Alchemist!) Once you decide then everything that is happening and everything that unfolds each day begins to make a new level of sense to you - even the really uncomfortable stuff! It's like you can almost sit back and watch it all happening in front of your own eyes - the coming and going, the falls and rises, the building up and falling down, the bliss and the pain - all of it happens for one reason - to set in motion this one decision you have made...brilliant really.

So what will you finally decide? Can you love yourself enough to decide? You know that this life, you've been gifted will be over in a flash - what will you decide before your time is up?

And hey even though I've brought in the old mortality card - have fun, don't take it all so serious - that will help you decide.

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