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Rx for the Holidays...

I always find it fascinating that the very things that serve and support us most we tend to put off for "when I'm not so busy". Yet, it's those very things that create a strong foundation to help us weather the stresses and storms of everyday life and the holidays!

Meditation is a daily habit that positively impacts every aspect of your life - I put it right up there with eating and oxygen. It's not a "nice" thing to do or "when I have more time"kind of thing. If it positively serves every aspect of your life then during stressful seasons it will serve you even more. It helps you show up, even better for for it all and respond better to those around you. That's even more important over the holidays isn't it?

I had someone share with me just yesterday, that after only 4 days of meditating, each morning as soon as he wakes, he notices that he is not so filled with anxiety as he enters his busy CEO day. His kids actually notice and like him even more, his wife even likes him better (Amazing!) and most importantly he likes himself even more this way...amazing!

So at a time when the question has shifted from "Why Meditation?" to "Why Not?" - What are we waiting for? As we get set to enter the holiday season we should be stepping in fully and almost overdosing on this daily habit...with the only side effects being peace, an elevated emotional state, a stronger inner connection - I could go on endlessly here...

Yesterday I was also speaking to a lovely lovely person and they, like so many people, sometimes find the holidays also a sad and emotional time with family members away or passed, painful memories etc. So in this situation, I prescribed meditating as much as possible over the holiday season. If you don't want to get so caught up in what can seem like an illusion and a lot of chaos - go inward.

Go inward as much as is humanly possible because you'll just feel better and even if you feel a bit sad, going inward will help you not identify and spiral downward with these emotions. Studies show that those who meditate are better able to handle their emotions during stressful times. So meditate baby meditate!

They say too much of even a good thing might not be a good thing, in this case and during this time of year, especially if you find this to be a very stressful time of year - meditate as much as possible!

And yes, even if you are sitting there right now thinking "I can't do this" or "I tried and it didn't work" - yes you can do this, you just need to decide that it is super important like eating and oxygen and then just do it. You are not alone, there's lots of help.

With great love for your incredible journey...


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